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The Theme of Peacemaker is on a far larger scale than its sister theme, Harmony. It's like the difference between Patience and Tolerance, but on a deeper level. The person who carries this Theme truly wants peace at all costs. They aren't the pacifists that the word peace-maker seems to signify. They want countries to make peace and groups to stop warring among themselves.

If the Peacemaker can't promote peace within their own inner circle, they'll go out to try to effect a greater peace. They'll join peace marches and protest the US involvement in war. they have no prejudice or particular love for one group more than others -- they just want peace. They'll be the ones who arbitrate in a dispute of any kind. this is why Peacemakers always make good therapists or judges.

The Peacemakers are the first ones at a party or a social gathering who run into the middle of a fight and break it up. They then will stand with one or more of the fighting parties and have them shake hands. they can be very pushy, but their intentions are absolutely honorable. They must want peace, and this means the absence of fighting on a physical level. They also abhor extreme emotions of grief or even moodiness because this seems to them out of the order of peacefulness. So in this instance, they'll try to change the mood to eliminate or defuse the grief -- anything to bring about peace.
Posted by Staff on 09/29/2009 at 12:00 AM - PERMALINK | EMAIL | PRINT | RSS  Subscribe
The Theme of Rescuer is very prevalent in many people. You will find the Rescuer working alongside the Cause fighter, but when the Cause fighter moves on to another cause, the Rescuer remains to take care of the victim.

Even when the victims have obviously created their own problems, the Rescuer is determined to "save" them. Often, in doing so, it is the Rescuer who is victimized. An entity with a Rescuer Theme has a high degree of empathy and can manifest strength for those in need. The Theme of Rescuer is a tough road to travel, but the spiritual rewards are great indeed.

You can always be sure that the Rescuer will become physically involved with a situation. For example, if someone fell in a deep hole, the Cause Fighter would find a rope and throw it down, then walk over to the TV cameras to give an interview. The Rescuer would then grab the rope and climb down into the hole to help the victim.

Rescuers are probably the most stubbornly purposeful of all of the themes. If they don't take care, they'll save you -- whether you want or need to be saved -- and then direct you toward their idea of what will make you happy.

In its moderate stage, individuals with this theme want to reinvent you or are great at interventions, but they don't seem to be able to rescue themselves. However, in its elevated form, the Theme of Rescuer manifests itself as the successful city doctor who goes to a small town, or a person who starts a school in the ghetto. Father Flanagan (the founder of Girls and Boys Town) was a wonderful example of the elevated Rescuer.
Posted by Staff on 09/29/2009 at 12:00 AM - PERMALINK | EMAIL | PRINT | RSS  Subscribe
When a person has the Theme of Responsibility, they take on the care of everyone around them. They also make a concerted effort to be responsible for people that by society's standards they are not responsible for. Like all of the Themes, it is a disposition of the mind. They are driven by the feelings to feed, clothe, and care for anyone who comes into their circle of influence. They do it with fervor and have guilt if they do not "chicken soup" everyone.

We all would like to feel we are responsible, but most of us take on our duties as a matter of course. The entity who has chosen this Theme does not do it begrudgingly but with a drive akin to the guilt they would feel if they should fail to be responsible. They start out this way even as children. Chores will be allotted in the family, for example, but if there should be an entity with the Theme of Responsibility, they will take over all the chores if they are left too long unfinished.

They also can be seen taking care of aging parents and even aunts and uncles if they have no one. The Theme of Responsibility is a tough Theme, as all of the Themes are, but brutally hard on the individual who does not modify it. It can be modified by reaffirming constantly and locally that they are responsible for only what is immediate and necessary and should not start gathering responsibility outside of their living and social scope of life.
Posted by Staff on 09/09/2009 at 12:00 AM - PERMALINK | EMAIL | PRINT | RSS  Subscribe
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