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The Mystical Life of Jesus - MP3 Audio Download
The Mystical Life of Jesus - MP3 Audio Download
Item:   #29266
Price: $9.99
Author: Sylvia Browne
Title: The Mystical Life of Jesus
Download Size: 360 MB
Downloads Allowed: 2
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This is an audio book in MP3 format which can be played using iTunes or other audio/MP3 software. You will be able to download it directly to your hard drive using the download link provided after purchase and sent via email.

If after downloading the zip file won't open or states it is corrupt, your download did not complete. Please note the zip file will take time to download. If your ISP has a bad connection and times out before your download completes, please resume the download. We recommend you use Firefox as your web browser because it can resume downloads.

With the help of her trusted spirit guide, Sylvia has now channeled her gifts and knowledge to explore the inspiring, yet often unknown, details of Jesus' life. In this book, she uses her studies of Gnostic texts and her unique relationship with Francine, her spirit guide, to present verifiable truths and logical information, addressing many of the unanswered questions and controversies surrounding the life of Jesus.
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