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Recent Comments for Sylvia
Carissa wrote:
I am excited for your Mother as she is truly home now. Her journey here, as you well know, has helped so many including myself. What a gift she is. May angels surround you and your family. I personally will continue to carry the part of my soul proudly in which Sylvia encouraged me to light. Thank you for your work. God Bless. See you on the other side. Lovingly, Carissa Carissa
Tracey G. wrote:
I am crying for you because you are our Prophet, our family, my sister Mystical Traveler, and you were, will be, and are, in the Now, Loved & Cherished so much, by me and Our Family of Christisn Gnostics. I am trying to be happy for you but I am mourning you leaving us down here, as selfish as it is...I can only find Solace knowing that you will be watching out for all of us. God Love You! I do!!! I am sending all of my Love & Prayers to Michael, Christopher, Paul, Angelia, Jeffrey, & Angelia and all of your immediate family. If there is anything that I can do for any of you, the Novus Spiritus Family, just call and I will come to any of you! This is a standing promise until I go home too. We all love you Miss Sylvia and we carry on with the Gnostic Faith, knowing that you will be watching over all of us. GOD LOVE YOU SYLVIA. We do! Tracey G
Wanda G. wrote:
Happy homecoming! Hugs to you and your loved ones and am comforted by the thought that your family was truly blessed with your time here and that they truly understand your journey. My love always!! Wanda G
Nancy H. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I just read of your passing. You were a wonderful, intelligent woman and brought peace to so many people. Somehow, I think you will see this. You will be missed by millions. My sympathy to your family. Sincerely, Nancy Hendricks, Toledo OH Nancy H
Jim wrote:
Sylvia, I am sure you are back home now. Say hello to all of our friends, family and pets for us. We sure are going to miss you here on earth. I realy felt enlightend after speaking to you several years ago. You are a beautiful soul. Please keep an eye on us down here! Humanity needs your help! Love Jim
Erin M. wrote:
Hello, Sylvia , I know you are watching us all and I just want to express my gratitude for your guidance and my condolences to your family, your are with them I know in spirit now but I am sure your hugs and sweet face will be missed... In this life I promise to take what I want and leave the rest, LOL, love and thought s to your family, thank you Sylvia, Erin 37 yrs old from Healdsburg , CA, Earth Erin M
Gilberto P. wrote:
Dear Sylvia: Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom. I started reading your books at a time when I had many questions regarding my faith and existence. The knowledge you shared through your books helped give me some direction and confirmations in my beliefs. I know you continue to live on in a higher plane, but I will miss you in this one. Gilberto P
Dawn M. wrote:
You will never be forgotten Sylvia, I love you. xoxo My thoughts and prayers are with Michael, Christopher, Paul, Angelia, Jeffrey, William and Sharon and family in this time of loss. xoxo dawn m
Amy wrote:
I already miss having you in our world and I will feel lost for a while. I thank you, Sylvia, for helping restore my faith in God and in myself. Our loss on Earth is Heaven's gain and my spirit guide Lydia is rejoicing for you as she comforts me. Thank you for all the insight and knowledge that has brought me inner peace. I am happy for you. May God continue to bless you on The Other Side and your family here on Earth...and if you see my mom, would you please give her a hug from me? Thank you Sylvia, for everything. Love and peace....Amy
Sandy T. wrote:
Sending loving thoughts and prayers to an amazing woman and her family. God bless you all, your wearing your angel wings for eternity may you fly high and free!!!! : Sandy T
Kevin wrote:
i spoke with you in the 70s a few times you helped then and you keep on doing it . so just relax and enjoy the new life you been waiting for . i will never forget you and the words you told me kevin
Theresa W. wrote:
R.I.P. Sylvia Browne you can get peace mind now and other wont bother you so much know your an Angel watching over all us thank you for time on earth and all you did for others God bless ya Theresa W
Susan M. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Thank you for all your very good efforts and writings. We have all learned a lot from you, which had made life on Earth far more interesting and bearable. Please enjoy Heaven and I'll see you when I get there! Susan M
Donna wrote:
The physical world has lost a beautiful soul! I had the honour of speaking with Sylvia Browne here in Vancouver BC, and she affirmed a very personal message from my father who had passed many years ago. Sylvia had a beautiful gift that she choose to share with the world! I will be forever grateful to you will be missed Love Donna
Tina G. wrote:
Oh no my heart is truly crying for you. You are my mentor and because of you I was born agin but this time on to my spiritual path. I feel like I lost a great teacher. You wll be so missed. Thanks to God you wrote books so I will still hear and feel your words of love. God love you , I know I do. Tina G
Cindi J. wrote:
Sylvia, it saddens me to hear of your sudden passing yesterday but yet at the same time am joyous of the reunion that will be happening for you up above. I met you a year ago with my family a year ago in Napa, and you had given us a quick reading by the way was spot on and such much needed news you shared. The world here on earth will be missing a great angel, but heaven is gaining one!!! RIP sweet Sylvia, and keep an eye on us from up above 3 Cindi J
Cindy K. wrote:
GOD Bless You Sylvia, I Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart, for Everything You, were able to bring into light, for helping bridge the gap between this side of Life, and the Other side of Death.. You will be missed, terribly, but I know that with You now on the Other side, the we call Heaven, more things will be revealed... LOVE and RESPECT to Your Loved Ones on this Side, may Your Love and Guidence, Heal their Sorrow, that comes with Your passing. Cindy K
Teresa R. wrote:
Dear Sylvia and family-- I heard of your passing or going home today. Altho I know you are in a glorious place, I was sad for your family and all of us who will miss you. I discovered you thru Montel. And have all of your books. You have had a profound impact on my life-- you opened up my mind and heart which has helped in my soul development. I thank Heavenly Father for giving us you -- a great teacher and healer. Many thanks and much love. I hoped to talk to you one day and now I hope that will happen when I go home to Heaven. May Heavenly Father comfort all who love you. God Bless and Keep you, Dear Sylvia. Love, Teresa Teresa R
Terra C. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, Thank you for lifting our hearts with hope and knowledge. Thank you for leading us through the darkest days of our grief. Thank you for your loving words of wisdom and humility. You are deeply loved by all those you touched and enlightened. Your books will be treasured always and your wittiness sorely missed. May the white light of the holy spirit be with your family as they mourn your passing into the true life of Heaven. We will meet again. With our love and deepest gratitude, Terra C
Erica L. wrote:
You will be missed..I am sad to know you are no longer here. I hope you are where you said you would go. i was honored to have met you in a book signing in Northridge couple years ago. I love your books. still have many more to read. You helped me with my faith in God. I hope God will let you continue helping us from the other side. I hope i get to see you when its my turn. and I hope its not soon. xoxo Erica L.
Teri wrote:
May God Bless Sylvia, and Grant Her All She Desires. She left us early in my opinion Thank you. Teri
Susan D. wrote:
Rest in Peace Sweet Lady You will be Truly Missed Susan D
Kathy wrote:
Rest in peace Sylvia. If heaven is as wonderful as it was in your books and visions then you must be so happy to be there. You have given the world many years of compfort and a sence of peace. You will be greatly missed. Your books on our pets in heaven were always a great deal of compfort to me after I lost one of my beautiful Shelties and several kitties over the years. Your legacy will live on. Kathy
Denise A. wrote:
I am so saddened by your passing. But, through your teachings I know I will see you again someday. I am sure you are surrounded with your loved ones. Please ask Mother Azna to send her continuous aid we so desperately need on this side. My condolences to your family. I will continue to read your books and reference them from time to time. Goodbye sweet spirit......I love you Denise A
Frances C. wrote:
Though we will miss your physical presence, may you enjoy every moment on the other side and continue to teach and enlighten. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Frances C
Andrew R. wrote:
Andrew R. wrote:
Nora V. wrote:
Sylvia, I know you are aware I am typing this right now. I have to say that you were the very first person to fully introduce me to possibilities of my spirituality. I've read several of your books and as I was reading/comprehending what you were writing I was healed. Literally healed. I was on 17 pills per day for my blood pressure, heart and reflux. I haven't taken any of them since which was 7 years ago. You made me understand that within me is the ability to have joy. Thank you for that. Sending Love to Chris, your grand children and family. Heaven will never welcome a sweeter woman. Nora V
Lori M. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, I want to thank you for changing my life in wonderfully profound ways through your amazing work and dedication. I will miss you immensely and I know there is a huge celebration going on right now for you. Welcome Home Sylvia. 3 Lori M
Lora S. wrote:
You being on this Earth with me, made me feel safe. When I heard you went home I got so scared, but I know Chris will keep the ball rolling and you must be just elated to be home. You literally saved my life Sylvia and I love you. Job well done, my spiritual friend, Lora S
A.S. H. wrote:
Rest in Peace Sylvia Browne. I count being in a session with you in San Jose as a highlight in my life. I remember everything you said to this day. I guess you saw your exit and took it and can be glad for it. See you on Wednesday. I will read your books that I bought again. A.S. H
Angie wrote:
Rest in peace my beautiful friend. You are a very powerful Soul and I am so grateful you were able to share planet Earth with us while you were here. Namaste. hugs Angie
Tricia R. wrote:
My heart is heavy hearing the news of your passing, Sylvia. You helped me through some horrible times in my life. You gave me hope when I had none. I know you're with your beloved grandmother, and Francine. Rest in peace dear, sweet soul, and know that you are loved and missed. Tricia R
Michael wrote:
My heart is sad tonight after learning of your passing. You have played such an important role in my ever evolving spirituality this lifetime. The comfort of your messages and mantras have helped me through some dark days. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your special gift with this world. Because of you, my light has shined brighter and allowed me to share that light with thousands of others. I hope when you get settled up there, you can sit back at look at the bright light of illumination your created down here. My deepest condolences to your family. See you on the other side my friend. Love, Michael
Sehnaz P. wrote:
We were so blessed to have you for so many years. You will always be loved and respected for all you have done. Although, not on earth , we know that Sylvia's spirit will continue to evolve and to do wonderful things for humanity. Blessings and warmth to her family and staff. Sehnaz P
Monique M. wrote:
RIP Sylvia Brown. Though we have never met , you have been a huge part of my life. I will continue to read all your books and use what I have learned the best I can. I hope that we will one day cross paths on the other side. There has to be a special place in heaven for souls like yours. You have helped me and so many people on this earth find their way through the valley of the shadow of death. So much so that I also no longer fear evil and trust and believe that god will take care of all of us and we will one day all be together again on the other side. Through Reading your books and putting what I have learned into motion in my life I have grown spiritually and can not Thank you enough and though I will never get to thank you in person, I will try and show my appreciation by living for god, spreading love and n passing on what I have learned to others who will accept the truth. You will be missed dearly by millions though you will never truly be gone Monique M.
K.L. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, I know you're in heaven now,looking down and smiling. Please continue to bless and guide us. Your gifts and spiritual wisdom comforted so many.You helped me understand,and find my spirit-guide. You will be greatly missed Dear Lady. K.L.
Dianna A. wrote:
It is with great sorrow to hear of Sylvia leaving this world and entering another to which we will see her and hear from her again!! I've always believed in her and still do... I am soo sorry for your loss! Sincerely Dianna Arndt Dianna A
Erik D. wrote:
I have been a fan of Sylvia Browne for the past twelve years..... her books helped me get through the worst time in my life... i was drawn to her writings because she never tried to press her beliefs on anyone and as she would say... take what you want and leave the rest behind.... hearing of her passing saddens me deeply... thank you Sylvia and may you rest in peace. Erik D
Joe wrote:
I'm in shock & utter disbelief tonight :' I have been a huge fan of yours for many, many years. I read all of your books some several times; your teachings and beliefs about life and our purpose here and views on reincarnation formed the basis for much of what I believe today about how this strange little world works and operates. My heart is truly heavy tonight, but I rest easy in knowing you're back Home, a place you lovingly and vividly described numerous times and longed to return to so much. RIP Sylvia. And thank you for your guidance while you were here with us. You helped pave the way for so many of us seeking answers and gave us peace in our hearts. Thanks to you, thousands upon thousands of us can rest assured that after this life, we will live on in a much, much better place. I'll be sure to say hi :- Your Light will always shine. From the bottom of my heart - thank you, Sylvia. God bless you and your family always. Joe Denver, CO
Dee B. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, As you make you transition to the other side, know that you will be taking love and gratitide with you from many millions whose lives you have touched. Thank you for enlightening so many, and giving so much of yourself to this world. We celebrate your journey to the light. Our hearts go out to your loved ones, as after all we are still human, and hearts ache in this life. We send love and prayers to all. God bless. Dee B
Britt wrote:
Dear Sylvia, in 2004 you helped me contact my grandfather who let us know he was okay and in heaven that day, and I had always been worried about him. Now I know you are in heaven too and that you are happy and with Francine your spirit guide in person now, it must be so beautiful. We love you and will miss you and will hopefully speak again with you from your Son Christ. Duefresne. My grandfather's life could not be helped in 1947 because VD medicine had not advanced, in heaven you will give him a kiss for me. You are in the light now, bless you so. Britt
Debra D. wrote:
I feel so absolutely BLESSED to have had the divine privilege and pleasure of knowing you in this life Sylvia!!! You are FINALLY BACK HOME...AND THAT MAKES ME SMILE!!! I LOVE YOU!!! SEE YOU LATER!!! Debra D
Thelma W. wrote:
Dear Sylvia...I love you and will miss you. Thelma W
Dorothy P. wrote:
God Bless You Sylvia. You have helped so many people. Dorothy P
Angela W. wrote:
Good bye Sylvia. You made a big difference in my life and I don't know why you took a dislike to me and my family because we came with LOVE, nothing else. You were wrong. We were down and out, put through the wringer with surgeries and infections and W/C, not ourselves at all. We were needy and reached out to you and your church but you mistook us for bad people and ran away. Now you understand, I know and I'm grateful and feel better that you now know we were only reaching out for a hand, feeling very desperate. Reading your books made a real difference in my life, lifted me up and opened me back up to the God in me. I guess we weren't reflecting the upward movement we had already made, from reading your books. We wanted to belong and be a part of your church, heal and grow with you and everyone. It doesn't matter anymore! I'm glad your home now, seeing your dad and Francine amoung a lot of others and I feel your blessings on me now. I love you Slyvia, thank you for everything! Angela W
Shelley wrote:
Sylvia, I love you, love to you from me on your continuing journey. Shelley
Tiffany wrote:
Thank you Sylvia for all of your knowedge. I had the privelage to see you about 5 years ago or so. Have always enjoyed listening to you and reading your books. Tiffany
Stephanie A. wrote:
I want too thank you for the kind words you have gave so many, and for the help you have gave as well. There will never be someone like you again! I was so saddened by the news of your passing, and I hope that you are happy where you are. I believed in you and the words you gave encouraged me many times. Rest in peace Sylvia Stephanie A.
John T. wrote:
Farewell, I will miss you Sylvia Browne. See you on the Other Side. Thanks for everything you shared - your wit, humor, lessons for life, and wonderful imagery of a better place, perhaps even one to call Home. I'll take what I can from all that you so freely and generously gave to us! God bless you and keep you forever. There will be tears toward Heaven in memory of you, who lit a candle in this dark & dismal world, a candle that is now outshown by eternal light, a glimpse of which it shared with us all. John T
Trinity wrote:
You inspired me to not be afraid to go with my gift Sylvia. I love you and honor your memory - you were a true shining light to millions. Namaste. I am sure Francine was waiting at the door. Blessings in your afterlife. Trinity
Terri J. wrote:
I had the honer of attending the seminar held in Tucson Arizona, being a newly widow I arrived in a deep dark depression. Returning back to California I was a different person. You saved my life. Thank you for lighting the light. Your love lead me to the warmth, love, and peace in our lord. Forever in your debt, forever in my heart. Your family and staff are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you Sylvia, god bless. Terri
Judy wrote:
We will miss you Sylvia. See you on the other side. Thank you for all your kindness and wisdom and great advice. Judy
Patricia D. wrote:
May you rest in peace Sylvia, I love you so much you will be sadly missed by millions of people around the world, I had saw you in Ottawa Canada a few years ago and loved every minute of it you were so funny and down to earth,i have many of your books some I have read twice. You have now gone home,my condolences go out to all your family. Patricia in Canada Patricia
Michaela M. wrote:
Sylvia.... Enjoy heaven. Thank you so much. Michaela M
Judy S. wrote:
Sylvia I know you are happy to be home, and you have finished your chart here, you leave this world a better place because of you. You changed my life in so many ways and I am in debt to you for this. We love you and will miss you so much, our hearts are with your family now, they know where you are but will still miss you. Love to you and your family. judy s
Adam wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I know that you are continuing your help and healing in the afterlife. You spoke with my mother after my sister "moved onward", and everything you told her was true even the secret things kept in secret places. You helped her and my family so much, and that feeling of peace is still with us after more than a decade. I thank you with all of my heart, and I'll see you around, kiddo. Adam
Jennifer H. wrote:
Dear Sylvia - Your books and teachings have changed my life for the better. I am so happy for you in the knowledge you are safe and happy on the other side. I am equally sad for all of us here that must continue on without you especially your family and close friends, and my heart goes out to all of you. At the same time, we have a beautiful life in Sylvia to celebrate and remember. Your books are a living legacy that will enlighten and comfort people for generations to follow. I would also like to give a "shout out" to Francine and Raheim, to thank them for being Sylvia's spirit guides and for sharing their knowledge of the other side with Sylvia and the world. Bravo to you all, and Happy Graduation!!!! Jennifer H
Kathy B. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Sweet Unselfish Spirit, A God send to this world. Every morning I wake and still can't believe your passing is real, yet I know it is. I am sad, but know your are happy. I am so grateful that I had the chance to meet you on one very special November evening. One that changed my life course. You gave to me my first, happiest Thanksgiving ever; Novus Spiritus' 2011 After Thanksgiving Potluck Fundraiser. I came Home to my Spiritual Family that evening. I can't remember, ever, feeling such Peace, Grace and Gratitude. I will always be thankful to You for All that You have given of Yourself, You Life's work here, and all that You gave out so freely to benefit this world. You are, for me, a Shining example of Unselfish, Unconditional Love. A true Gnostic and ever Faithful Student of The Christ. Thank You for Creating Novus Spiritus for this world and making it a dream come true worldwide. As I see it: Mission accomplished, Job well done! I Know you stood before God with Your "Purple Plume Intact." I will miss your Beautiful, Unique voice in this world every day that passes. Until we All meet again back Home; Here's to You, Sylvia, One of this World's Finest. Kathy B
Maria M. wrote:
Sylvia I woke up this morning sad for myself and then I realize how happy you must be now being home with everyone you love. well I miss you so much and cannot wait to be with you again on maybe another cruise and to sit down and talk about how tough it was to be on earth. god bless you and love you we do and will always till we meet again my wonderful loving friend see you soon in a blink of an eye. yes. Marilyn murray I love you now and always. maria m
Mary F. wrote:
I owe Sylvia so much. Her books helped me through my darkest days in my life, and going through a rough present, the knowledge I gained from her is helping me through again today. Thank you Sylvia, from the bottom of my heart and with all my soul. You will truly be missed. Love you. Mary F.
Canadace C. wrote:
Sylvia I always felt a closeness to you. We are both Libra's and had ex husbands that I swear had to have been brothers. You are my inspiration and you have taught me so many things through your books, cassette tapes about the angels. I met you one night and you signed a book for me. How I wanted to sit and talk to you. I really think we have a lot in common. I went to one of your conferences here in Arizona and hung on your every word. You will be missed my dear Syliva but your journey has just began in heaven with God and your family. I wish you peace and God bless. To your family my prayers and thoughts go out and may peace be in their hearts. Goodbye my sister. See you on the other side. *love* Canadace C
Shirley wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I know you are at peace without question. You were truly loved on Earth. You helped heal my heart when I saw and got to talk with you. You helped me reach my Husband and gave me peace. He loved you too. Thank you for all you have given us. You had confirmed my belief in life after death. Prayers for you and your family. Love, Shirley
Mary L. wrote:
I had a 30 minute telephone reading with Sylvia in the 10th anniversary of my Mom's death. I just divorced my husband and lost two of my favorite cats that were elderly. The reading was recorded for me and I still listen to it. Sylvia changed my life in the best way. EVERYTHING has happened just as she predicted it! I love you, in peace..."see" you in about 30years...God Bless You! Mary L
Ashlee B. wrote:
I just want to say May you rest in peace..the loard is your guidence my deepest thoughts go out to sylvia's Family will be sadly missed NOT FORGOTTEN I miss you already R.I.P SYLVIA xoxoxoo luv ##1 fan .. Ashlee B
Lena E. wrote:
you will always be my idol , Lena E
Sandra wrote:
Thank you Sylvia for your guidance on this earth for helping me and many others learn about God, and God's love for us. I pray your family will find peace with your passing, and that you're enjoying all the wonderful blessings that heaven has to offer. Sending my love over to you in heaven. I look forward to meeting you on the other side one day. Sandra
Alice M. wrote:
Sylvia will be deeply missed by me and the world of people who knew her work and understood all the wonderful results from it. I had the opportunity to have a lifetime reading with her and a past life regression, along with all the lectures I attended, I have learned much from her. I am a life that was changed forever due to her gifts. I have her books, teaching materials and so much more over the years. It has helped me greatly to understand all the tragedies in my life, but also how to grow from these experiences and use my own psychic & medium gifts to help others. Thank you Sylvia and God Bless your family at this time. You will live in my heart always and the hearts of many to whom you have helped in your lifetime, which is a number to large to count, I am sure. Blessings. Love & God's Peace be with you all. Alice M
Reigan wrote:
Prayers go out to your family left behind, you will be greatly missed on this plane however the memories and the inspirational words you spoke and tools you taught will continue to be used. You made it my lady, your should be proud of the challenges you conquered and the thousands you spread messages to, to help them heal. Your life here will be celebrated, deeply believe you came in with a challenging chart, but you've learnt, healed, loved hands down. You are an inspiration, Thank You from deep within. Warmly Reigan
Heather wrote:
I've never read a lot about her but when she was on tv I always had wanted to watch. I sometimes wished to have met her and ask her a question or two, but I know now I will not get to meet her and it is ok because I can count on others who I know and trust to answer things. I didn't know she had passed I saw her always looking nice and fashionable and stylish and happy and the feeling and the look of enlightenment and brightness seemed to always be in here when ever I would see her on tv. May you be treated with love and care up in heaven and rest in peace Sylvia. Bless the women that you and the things you did when you were here on earth and may your presence be around others everywhere and anywhere. Heather
Tamara L. wrote:
Happy Graduation, dearest Sylvia! You will be dearly missed on this earth, and Goddess Bless you for all of your good works. Because of you, I found a spirituality that I had been missing all my life. You started me on my journey and introduced me to Mother God, and I will be grateful to you and your teachings forever for that. I know you are so happy to be with your dad and all the other beloveds on the other side. Keep a place warm for all of us!!!! Thank you and Bless you, and Bless Chris and all of your loved ones who will miss your presence here, but know you are safe and sound on the other side. Tamara L
Shirley W. wrote:
Sweet girl I wish you and your loving family Gods Love you helped myself and so maney others God Bless! shirley w
LInda W. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, you will be greatly missed. I have learned so much from your books, I was so afraid of dying till I read your books and now I am not scared anymore they were beautiful. I got to talk with you on the phone, which was a great high light in my life. I will never forget it.You were so wonderful and a very caring and awesome lady. I will miss you, but knowing you are on the other-side make me feel at peace! Love You Sylvia, Linda, Taylor, Mi. Linda W
Kathy wrote:
R.I.P Sylvia ,we love you and you will be missed. kathy
Lori E. wrote:
My dream has been to say this in now I will see yo person someday. I can't do that so I will see you at home if you are willing. I need to say thank you for bringing God into my life when I didn't believe. My very good friend was dying at the time I first picked up one of your books. inspired me and brought it back into my life it inspired me and brought fath back into my life. Many Blessings to you Lori E
Trisha A. wrote:
Sylvia has been a source of inspiration in my life for many years, her books touched me in ways that no others have. I am grateful for her service to all of humanity and will miss her greatly. Thank you Sylvia, Trish A
Katherine H. wrote:
Thank You so very much for all that you have done! God Bless you. Katherine H
Donna N. wrote:
Oh my gosh,i couldnt believe it when i saw it on CNN.I have seen her two times at the Casinos,in Mississippi and just wished i could have bought some jewelry so beautiful. I watched you on Montel everytime i new u were going to b on.Thank you Sylvia for ur talent and when u started talking before ur readings i found u to be real smart,ill miss u very much.God Bless Donna Donna N.
Grace D. wrote:
I wanted to send my condolences to you and your family. I never had the pleasure of being in the presence of your spiritual mother but I was fascinated by her ability. She was an icon and will forever remain as one even after death. grace D
Frida A. wrote:
Sylvia, i am jealous now I feel that a person that inspired my whole spiritual identity has left me for home and im not going yet. i know the path to the other side is mine and mine alone and i can´t help myself from being sad that i still have far to go. however i am happy that your home now, probably laughing with your dad and Francine as i write this. I love you, very much. Frida A
Rosy B.. wrote:
I'm so sad in my heart for your loss, yet joyus because she's home. I thank her for my reading. I will always have that special blessing to have spoken to a gifted beautiful person. You are all in my prayers. With so much love from my heart to yours. God bless you Rosy B
Kitty wrote:
We will miss Sylvia's presence in the world. Peace to her beautiful spirit and may God comfort her family and friends. Thank you Sylvia for your service. You made a real difference in our lives. Bon Voyage! Kitty
Bonnie D. wrote:
Sylvia may all of your friends that you have helped to connect with their love ones greet you with a loving parade. May God be with your family as I know how difficult it is to lose a loved one. God BLESS YOU Bonnie D
Lisa A. wrote:
Sylvia has gone home, lucky girl, but we who are still stuck here in this life will miss her. Her perceptions and writings changed my life. I can't wait to join her. She will be with you always. Lisa A
Sheri M. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I cannot believe you are gone. I didn't want to believe you had gone home. You have inspired me in so many ways and you will be missed by many. I have almost all of your books that I read over and over again. I did get the opportunity to see you when you came to Sacramento, CA a few years back, and so glad I did. Sheri M.
Katrina M. wrote:
What a magnificent soul! You will be missed Sylvia. RIP my friend. Katrina M
Phyllis S. wrote:
You will be missed. I took my mom who passed away 5 years ago to your show in Nashville. We really loved it and she had a ball. She even broke line so she could personally meet you. I loved you on Montel as my mother did. We looked forward to Sylvia Browne Wed and we both read all of your books. We loved every one of them. I know you are at a better place and however you passed you are healthy and happy now and as you say you are in your 30's again. But once again you are loved a very will missed phyllis S
Heidi H. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Thank you for a lifetime of helping others. You were a blessing to so many. My heart is sad to hear of your passing. My Mother Joan passed away on November 3rd. We both loved you and your books. I hope she will get to see you in heaven. I hope she is with Deanna, her granddaughter. I miss them both so much. Im not sure how to survive with out my mom. My best friend. Give them a hug from me. Who ever thought I would be sending a message to heaven. God Bless. xoxox Heidi H
Bridget N. wrote:
Sylvia you have been a mentor to me. Thank you for that your light will shine bright forever! Love you and Thank you for being part of my life. Hugs and Hugs Bridget N
Susan wrote:
You were one of the best teachers I ever had! Sylvia you will never be forgotten! I will always remember what you said from your books and watching you on the Montel show. After my Mother died in 2002 you were of such comfort to me. You opened my eyes and explained everything. Now to this day I LOVE getting signs from the otherside! I'm happy you "graduated" Sylvia, but you will be missed by many! I look forward to the day I get to see you again! They'll never be anyone quite like you again! You were the BEST! Thanks for everything. You're in my prayers. Susan
Miki wrote:
You touched my life.thank you Miki
Jaime D. wrote:
I am soo very sad for us to hear af your passing on to a much better place. All my love goes to your family Sylvia. I am so thankful for all that you have done and enlightened so many of us. You have been my inspiration and my strength in so many aspects, I can't thank you enough. You will be greatly missed here, and I can't wait to meet you on the other side my friend. Jaime D
Rocio wrote:
Dearest Sylvia and family, what a wonderful lady and mother! I read her books and was amazed by her sharing heart and passion for what she did. I am happy to know that you are in good company and in the presence of our creator, God. God Bless you and your family, may they gain strength from your long and fruitful life. I never had enough funds to go see her or to be able to call and get a reading, but I loved her books that provided me with wisdom and peace. Thank you again. rocio
Jacqueline R. wrote:
I have watched you several times on the Montel Show, I was always fasinated by your readings, and predictioms, I always admired you in so many things. I am deeply saddened by your passing. I hope you can find away to let us know you made it to heaven. My symtomy to the family, A good woman, A kind heart, and a great human being. RIP Sylvia Jacqueline R
Dalton wrote:
Rest well, Sylvia, as you continue on another journey. Thank you for all your loving contributions to all living beings. My heartfelt condolences to your family. Dalton
Tiffany wrote:
Thank you Sylvia for all of your knowedge. I had the privelage to see you about 5 years ago or so. Have always enjoyed listening to you and reading your books. Tiffany
Alicia B. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, You will forever be remembered. May you rest in the eternal blissful place in Heaven. I will miss you dearly even though I never met you and wished I had. But at least I was able to speak to you on the phone. May god bless you Sylvia and hope finally meet you when its my time to go in Heaven:- Alicia B
Wayne wrote:
RIP Sylvia I will miss you Thank you for every thing you have done. Wayne
Cindi B. wrote:
I would like to thankyou. I have all your books. You have really helped me to understand myself better. When life has gotten tough your words has help me to continue. Would you please put me on your prayer list. I have some issues that prayer can really help me. Bless you. Cindi B
Sue wrote:
Will miss you! You changed my life and will forever be grateful. Ive met you twice and always felt it to be a blessing. May you rest in peace. I bet you are Happy and one day we will meet again for sure. Love you Sue
Susie J wrote:
May god watch over your family in this time of grief, as you are watching over them in heaven , rest in peace ms sylvia susie j
Katrina S. wrote:
I just heard the news of your passing and cried my heart out. It is terrible to lose someone who has had a tremendous impact on your life, and I never had the blessing of meeting you. I am one of your biggest fans and an avid reader of your books. You helped to open my spiritual intellect when I thought my life was a living hell. I was born and raised in violence and through reading your books, I realized I could be forgiven. I know that God has a special place for you in his heart as well as mine. I love you with my whole heart and can't wait to meet you on the Otherwise. Your fan, Katrina S.
Robert C wrote:
Who is Sylvia? what is she, That all our swains commend her? Holy, fair and wise is she; The Heavens such grace did lend her, That she might admired be. Is she kind as she is fair? For beauty lives with kindness. Love doth to her eyes repair, To help him of his blindness, And being helped, inhabits there. Then to Sylvia let us sing, That Sylvia is excelling; She excels each mortal thing Upon the dull earth dwelling; To her let us garlands bring. My condolences to Sylvia's family. I hope she finds the peace and love she deserves as she arrives back Home to loving arms. Robert C
Cindy M wrote:
Sylvia, you will be sorely missed by so many besides myself. I have almost all of your books, but read them over and over just for inspiration and guidance. It is a very sad day. I loved you very much. Cindy M
Nancy B. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have received a reading from you and for you sharing your gifts with me. Your time here on earth was valuable to us all as I am sure You were aware of that. I can only imagine how happy you must be to have returned back to the place we all will call " Home " some day. Thank you for sharing a part of you with me. Many Blessings, Nancy Nancy B
Pete M. wrote:
Sylvia Eternal love to you See you on that side Chris, hang tough
Dawn Y. wrote:
I am so very grateful to how you changed my life. You helped me understand my spirituality for the first time when I was 25 yrs old after reading "Life on The Other Side." Ever since I have continued to read and listen to your work. You will always be a part of my life and a beloved mentor. I will forever be grateful to you. Love and Light~ God Bless Sylvia Dawn Y
Wanda wrote:
Dear Sylvia , My world will not be the same without you in it. You opened my eyes and lifted a veil that had been placed there by so many. I now know without a doubt that God, Mother and Father exist. Your teachings have enabled me to survive so much. Your books have been an inspiration to me. I also lost my father on Wednesday, he also was 77 and born just days before you. If you should see him let him know that I did Love him through it all. My deepest sympathy to your family and Ms. Sylvia you were a true gift to this world. Wanda
Cheryl M. wrote:
Sylvia -I know you will be able to read this from the other side. You maybe have left his earth plane but I know you are still there. I have followed you since your "People are Talking" days and read many of your books. You were wonderful at explaining the difference from Man's law and God's law. You helped thousands of people understand how so many religions can say they follow the bible but have very different views and how we can decide for ourselves what to believe. Words cannot explain how much you changed my life and I have carried the torch to people I meet and hopefully I too am helping others. I hope that Chris will continue and I will get to know him and respect his messages as I do yours. Maybe now he will start speaking at your scheduled lectures rather than having to cancel them. Try not to mess with those still here too much. Love always and forever-Cheryl Cheryl M
L&G D. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Sending you love & gratitude to have witnessed your spirit/soul gifts on this journey through the countless works you've done. I'd always wanted to see you in person, but it didn't happen in this life....perhaps next time around. L&G, D.
Gwendolyn wrote:
I love you Sylvia, You were one of my spiritual leaders. Your books spoke to me and I gobbled them up. I will miss you and yet, see you again on the other side. Thank you for all you have done to help us all, you are beautiful Gwendolyn
Rosa wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I just found out you have gone home. I didn't want to believe it. I had to go to your web site and see it in writing. You helped me get through the loss of my 2 sons, the last one being April 26, 2013. You helped me servive when nothing else could. You granted me the pleasure of having a picture with me on The Mexican Riviera Cruise in April of 2008. I have it hanging in my office so I can see your beautiful smiling face. I am talking to you as if you are still here with us because I know you are and will always be. Thank you Sylvia for helping so many. I love you, Rosa
Traci wrote:
Dear Sylvia, For the last twenty five years you have given me inspiration, courage and truth through your writings and appearances. It was you that day twenty something years ago at The Montel Williams show that gave me peace in answer to my question. Through the years with every book of yours that I have read, my purpose has strengthened. You have touched my soul and given me great comfort. There are no words that convey what your work has done for me. I will miss your writings dearly. My sincere thanks for all that you have given to so many of us. I know that you are finally home. With kindness and admiration, Traci
Pam H. wrote:
Have loved you from the first moment I saw and heard you. Love reading your books too. Will see you again. Pam H.
Karen W. wrote:
Sylvia, I always loved watching you and listening to you share your insights with whatever medium you were on. You were an inspiration to all of us and you will be greatly missed by all of us who loved you. Karen W
Susan wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Your courage to answer the questions that others could not, your continuous faith in your beliefs and the sharing of those truths; we are forever in your debt. Thank you, Sylvia, for sharing it all with us. Susan
Sarah wrote:
Dear Sylvia Thank you for being a light to me and others. You enlightened this world. Love Sarah
Cindy R. wrote:
Sylvia, I know you are probably watching from where you're at as I write this note to you. You were my very first spiritual teacher and I am so grateful for you coming into my life by way of books and your website. You have opened my heart up for other spiritual teachers to come into my life as well. I first learned about you back in 2000 when my life was sort of a hot mess and I was wanting to know what my purpose was and why certain things were happening to me in my life. I'm still a seeker of knowledge now 13 years later and will always be a seeker. I have learned so much about life, love and the beyond. I am constantly learning about my purpose and I always will be. Light, Love and Joy. Namaste Sylvia. Cindy R
Larry wrote:
Sylvia, Thank you for the courage to carry on thru the darkest hours of my life. You will be missed but never forgot. My God give peace to the family and friends. Larry
Christi K. wrote:
Rest in Peace Sylvia. You touched my life in ways only you could know. I am so glad that I got to meet you. I know that you will continue your work in the afterlife with Francine by your side. I wish Michael, & your family peace, until your together again. Thank you for being you. Love, & Gratitude, Christi K
Kristy wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, Thank you for making "sense" of so many questions, beliefs and thoughts about the past, now and the ever after. Your wisdom put my life back on track. You helped me find peace in the midst of this "chaos" we call life and gave me helped me focus my belief in what is yet to come when we cross over. You gave me courage to SAY what I believed, even if it was different from how I was taught to believe. And in doing so, my heart was opened and it connected me to so many wonderful people and unlocked my heart. It was my mother, Sylvia, who introduced me to you as a psychic. But, it was me who introduced her to your spiritual teachings. Your books about life here on Earth and afterwards connected my mother and me. And the lasting whispers of your words in print, in audio, or from when I saw you speak, brought comfort to me when my mother crossed over. Although I didn't get my bucket lust wish of meeting you, I love thinking that my Mom just might. Your soul's journey was completed here on Earth, dear sweet Sylvia, but the salve for the soul you left here with us will live on. Embrace your paradise! In love and light ~ Kristy
Aaron wrote:
Thank you for sharing your gift with us. You were and are a great presence for the world that helped shine light in the darkness of life for many people. Aaron
Heather P. wrote:
Dear Sylvia i just want to say thank you so very much for making not just me but many other members of my family especally my departed grandmother Bonnie believe truly in some form of life after death.When she passed i think that the knowledge she had gained from reading all of your books made it less fearful.I always believed in you and your ability & so did she. Heather P
Daniella R. wrote:
You are and forever always my inspiration you helped spark and rekindle my belief in God and I can't thank you enough. I remembered me and my family would be excited to watch you on tv. I also loved reading your books. Ever since I was little I wanted to meet you and I had so many questions to ask you. Now your gone and it was so heartbreaking to hear that but I know your happy on the other side. I miss you! you will never be forgotten your always in my heart3 Daniella R
Suzy M. wrote:
Godspeed Sylvia. Suzy M
Edwina R. wrote:
A great loss to this world. I have read your books and always identified with the reincarnation process you often spoke and wrote about. You are now in a far better place and will always be remembered by those you helped to understand life. . May you rest in peace for a while and then return with your extraordinary gift once again. Sincerely, Edwina Reizer Edwina R
Randy wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, God bless. You and I know you were welcomed home just as you are welcomed into so many hearts here on earth. Thank you so much for the comfort you gave me through all your books and till I see you again tell Mother, Father, and Jesus hello for me. Randy
Maria wrote:
thank you so much for teaching me about life and death. you will always be in my heart. love you always sylvia maria
Jo-Anne wrote:
Thank-you Sylvia for making my life worth living. You will always be in my heart. God Bless you and your Family . I am sure you are with your little Jolie and Francine on the other side. You will be missed not just by me but all of the people whose life you touched. Jo-Anne P
Crystal wrote:
Sylvia, you will be deeply missed by so many, you always gave me hope in God,I have read all your books, and loved you so much, I will miss you so xx RIP Sylvia, love crystal xo
Tracey G. wrote:
My Sylvia, my sister Libra, my fellow Mystical Traveler, my Family, and my Prophet, "God Love You. I do". I am sad to see you leave us but I am so happy that you are finally free of all negativity! You have positively impacted all of us. Your contributions to this world are endless! You worked so hard, for so long, saving countless Souls. You are a Brilliant Holy White Light in this sea of darkness. We will continue your goals in making this plane Heaven on Earth, remain ever vigilant in seeking the Truth and continue to Love Unconditionally all that are Honorable. Your impact on this world was nothing short of a miracle by reviving the Gnostic Christian Faith! XXX OOO Blessed Be...Until we meet again Tracey G
Maria M. wrote:
dear Sylvia, we will meet again in the afterlife that you helped me believe in and not to be afraid of. I thank you for helping me get rid of all my fears of life to know I will have a better one and a life long one. I owe you so much god be with you as I know you are and mother azna must be happy you came home to her after being gone for so long. god love you we do. maria m
Beverly wrote:
Thank you for all you have done. Rest in peace now Sylvia. You will be terribly missed. But never forgotten. Beverly
Angelo wrote:
Sylvia, You have inspired me more than you will ever know. Actually, you do know. I can't wait to spend eternity with all of you on the Otherside! Love, Angelo Angelo
Angie wrote:
To my dearest Sylvia. I am writing to personally thank you for all you have given the world. Your knowledge, wisdom and love have touched so many, myself especially, and I am so grateful to you and to God for helping me see the truth. I have watched you on the Montel Williams show since I was a child and just recently started reading some of your books. And what a perfect time to start! I have been feeling very unaccomplished lately as I am 24 years old and I had a very different idea as to where I would be in life right now. A career, marriage, a house...the usual. But when I realized I haven't accomplished any of those things yet, my sister pointed out the most important thing I HAVE accomplished. And that is that I have been growing more spiritually. So I thank you Sylvia, from the bottom of my heart. I know I have a lot to learn and I will continue to grow and thrive! With love, Angie
Annalisa wrote:
Thank you Sylvia. You changed my life! My heart goes out to your family. Annalisa
Tina H. wrote:
Louisea H. wrote:
I just wanted to let you know how much Sylvia meant to me. I have read most of her books and they have gotten me through the toughest times in my life. When things were not going well I would pick up one of her books and they would get me through whatever problem I was having. And they would comfort me, I knew that I mattered. I am so sad to hear of her passing today. My prayers go out to her and your family. God called her home and we will miss her terribly. I will continue to live by her messages and teachings. Thank you. Louisea H.
Amy wrote:
Sylva, you allowed me to live again. I saw you on the Montel show 12 years ago. When you told me that my shooter will be caught it gave me the COURAGE to live again. I believe without a doubt you helped me move on and for that, I thank you. I'm deeply sorry that I have not told you yet but I know you will hear me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Amy
Annabelle D. wrote:
Sylvia, your books will comfort me forever. I admired you, thought all your concepts real and brilliant and believe them also. My thoughts and prayers will be with your family. Thank you for seeing me through my darkest and hardest times. RIP Sylvia Annabelle D
donna wrote:
Thank you Sylvia for sharing your gift with the world and for giving me insight and strength in trying times with your written words. You will always remain in the hearts of the many you have touched in your lifetimes. Donna
Murielle wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I want to say thank you to you and your Spirit Guide Francine for your books. They have answered most of my questions regarding spirituality, pre-existense, and my purpose here on earth. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude to you for giving me such an understanding of the spiritual world and the earth planet. Murielle
Lyn T. wrote:
Dear Silvia, I just read your book "Insight" this weekend. It is first book of yours that I have read. I could not have read it at a better time. I have been struggling with my faith in God and with fear of dying. Since reading this book, I now feel a new faith in God. In the past I was always interested and dabbled in Tarot, Astrology, Numerology etc. until on day a religious lady told me it was a sin. It scared the crap out of me and i threw all my tarot cards and metaphysical books. It scared me but also turned me off to God, because I really felt that I was giving up part of myself. After reading this book I realized that God loves me no matter what and that I am worthy. You gave me a new perspective on spirituality that makes perfect sense to me and I can finally be myself. I also feel that dying isn't so scary to me anymore and I can stop obsessing about every health symptom I have. Thank you so much for sharing your Insight with the world, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you!!!! So grateful to you! Kind Regards, Lyn T.
Adria H. wrote:
I wanted to wish Sylvia a Happy Birthday last Saturday! We had a heifer calf born to our cow, Libby. Libby has a shape on her side in black and white which resembles a halloween ghost. We kept trying to think of a name for the new calf, when I realized that is was your birthday. We named the calf after you. For your 77th birthday, she was the 7th calf born in our herd this Fall and to a cow with a ghost shape on her side, and she's chocolate brown in color. Also, the #7 is our lucky number. Coincidence? I think not! God always has a plan; even if it's with cows. Adria H.
Alicia B. wrote:
Sylvia, My mom loved to watch you and was a strong believer in what you do. I'm sure if she could have she would have told you herself. That's it. Thanks, Alicia B.
Nancy B. wrote:
Hello Sylvia-I will be coming to see you in Winnipeg on Friday and for me this is like a Christian meeting Jesus! I read your first book many moons ago and it was life changing for me. I work as a therapist for victims of domestic violence and have been able to guide many clients to health by referring them to your books! Thank you for your beauty, wisdom and transformative presence in my life, as well as many of my clients that have been helped by your work! I am so very happy to be able to finally see you in person this Friday! blessings and love, Nancy M.
Janet B. wrote:
Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a wonderful celebration with your family & friends. Thank you so very much for all the hard work you have done for so many years & continue to do every day to share the knowledge of Mother & Father God, the Other Side, our charts. themes and guides. Thank you so very much for helping so many of us with readings, guidance, & support. You changed my life & I am forever grateful. With much love to you always. Janet B.
Michelyn wrote:
As a young woman, I used to love seeing you on Montel and hearing so many of the messages you sent about God and the spiritual world. I have always felt a connection to God and have always trusted my promptings. I have recently awakened my own abilities to channel and have been focusing my ability into healing and energy work. I have, through my own meditations, been able to confirm those messages that you spoke of so many years ago. I am so sorry that you've been attacked so publicly. I am also so sorry that you've had to spread you gift so thin over the years. Those who do not 'do' what we are able to do cannot fully understand the mental energy and toll it can take on us if we are not properly grounded. I understand that having you do so many 'quick readings' on Montel and in other arenas are incredibly unfair and that you cannot possibly be able to filter all of the messages you receive in a room full of so many energies, questions and spirits who want to use you as their vessel. I know, from my own experience that you were sent to help bring to light God's message of love and to help raise the vibrations of our reality. I can only hope that you are able to find your way back to your centre - out of the harsh media and surrounded by other true light workers who ask nothing of you, but instead give back to you. Much love and light. May the Archangels Raphael, Gabriel and Michael surround you with their love and protection and help to heal that which is ailing you. Michelyn
Deb wrote:
Just wanted to wish you a grand year ahead. I recently discovered while reading Life On The Other Side that we, among millions, share the same October 19 birthday. Keep on rocking that boat! Deb
Helen wrote:
Hi Sylvia Hope your feeling better! I really enjoy listening to you and loved watching you on the television on the Montel show. I also have many off your books. God bless you and please take care. Your friend, Helen
Kathy D. wrote:
Just wanted to say happy birthday and that I share a birthday with you I was born on the 19th of October also and have also felt thing but mine is not as strong as your's ..I have always admired you very much ...well you have a great day and god bless .........Kathy D.
Michael F. wrote:
Happy Birthday Sylvia!!! 10-19-2013 Michael F.
Kathie F. wrote:
Happy Birthday Sylvia!!! 333 Kathie F.
Sherry T. wrote:
Happy Birthday, Dear Sylvia! 3 Sherry T.
Laurie P. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, I heard you were ill. I do hope you get better soon. You mean a lot to so many people. I would like to see you live a lot longer!. It is hard to cope sometimes, especially around your Birthday. My Paul and I are saying many prayers for you. We love you and adore you. Get well, Be well. Laurie P.
Tracey G. wrote:
Happy Birthday, my sister Libra, Humanitarian, & Mystical Traveler!!! From me, an Aries, Recuer, & Mystical Traveler. "God Love You. I do". ;^ Tracey G.
Luba wrote:
Hello Sylvia: I bought three of your books in 2003. Just finished reading all three in the past two weeks. The cases/stories are amazing, the paranormal definitions incredibly educating and your personal life completing. I took the liberty to submit names onto your prayer line. Look forward to seeing you in Winnipeg, Manitoba. luba
Laura K. wrote:
To My '2nd' mother, Happy early birthday and many more! I hope to come see you in September, 2013 next year in CA. My nephew is getting married in Petaluma on Sept 21 and I want to come to your church to see you do a church ceremony if I can. It would be the following Sunday. I know you're in San Jose and I'd have to take a bus or some other transportation to your office/church. Love, Laura K.
Anrsew S. wrote:
Sylvia, I just want you to know I read all of your books and enjoy them very much. I am ordering all of the ones I have not read. I was wondering if you could answer a question for me? Me and my wife applied for a loan, we were wondering if it will be approved? I wish that you or Chris were coming to Michigan. It would be an honor to meet you both. Best wishes and may GOD Bless you and your family. Anrsew S.
Joana M. wrote:
I Sylvia you are an inspiration. Thank you for all your books. Can i ask you to pray for me? For my bussiness. We start a new bussiness and we need some blessings. Thank you. I love u. Joana M.
Helene wrote:
Hello Sylvia, I read a lot of your books and also saw you at the Quechan Casino in Winterhaven California in 2010 , I was so excited to finally see you and was able to take a picture with you, my arm touched your arm ha ah, anyways someday I'm going to get a reading from you or your son, I really need the help from you, I always pray to God and Anza and talk to my spirit guide, wish I knew his name...I love you and you have helped me in many book to go too when in need is God, Creaton and Tools for's kind of like my bible, I hope you get to read my message, I can't believe the messages from other people with negative responses, we are all human and everybody has the right to make mistakes, they need to get over it! Verma "Helene" J
Caroline F. wrote:
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much to this organisation for having the prayer list, I have used in the past for friends and family and again for a close loved one dirlo Alberto de Palma who is in a bad way. It's such a kind heart centered thing and just wanted to say thanks.
Sheryl W. wrote:
Hi Sylvia, I am sorry to hear that you ahave been laid up. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Lov and light, Sheryl W.
Sherry T. wrote:
The world is a more hopeful place with you in it! Congratulations on your upcoming birthday! Sherry T.
Thank You wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to let you know how much you are loved and what a blessing you are to this world. You have made such a positive impact on my life. Thank you and I love you. All the best, Rachel
Cheryl wrote:
I had a reading from you at the Chinook winds casino, I don't know if you felt me and how my heart was feeling since all I did was wish you to pick my number from the basket. And that night I was with my daughter who was very burdened too by losing custody of her daughter after raising her for ten years and she was the one who bought the tickets for my birthday to come see you so when you called her ticket number she gave me it and told me to go up and knew it was the best bday gift she could have ever given me. I think of how you told me he was not my soulmate and that my family was weighing me down and then told me I would meet my soul mate in a year. Then as I walked away you blew me away by saying I would travel. This has been what I said to my daughter and best friend that day. Just want to say thank you and that I love you!!! Thanks for the reading, wish now I knew who this soulmate was. . Has boggled my mind lately. Take care Sylvia and am glad you are getting better with voice and health. Must have been awful with all that smoke from the fires near you as you told us at casino. Take care!! Cheryl
Carol wrote:
Sylvia, I just want to say thank you. Blessings, Carol
Nina B. wrote:
Hi Sylvia,I first want to open this note saying you have helped me for years,ever since my late teen years,I follow your words of hope and have attended one seminar in Cleveland.Unfortunately I have never had the extra money to have a personal reading.I hope to see you in Jacksonville Florida,which is where I have relocated.your wonderful and I a looking forward to hearing of your coming. Nina B.
Tarashia F. wrote:
hello, I have been watching you since I was very small! watching you on montel. I myself love to have the connection I have!!!I am blessed to have the love of my life! however he was in a tragic accident which has effected hos whole life. we are coming to see you in napa on nov 16. I am leaving the rest up to you. I know everything happens for a reason. I pray that we are on track. and that we accomplish the things we so see for ourselves in our future. I just have faith that the rest will come. thank you for being you!!!and passing it down to your son. I am blessed for my family that I have and I would love to add one more piece to our family that would complete us. peace and love!!!! Tarashia F.
Nick B. wrote:
I am nearly done reading your book of "The Mystical Life of Jesus" and find it to be all the answers I have felt throughout my life. I have always been a part of God and Christ. I also have hoped I am welcome by them and am heading on the right course no matter the sins I have done. Temptation has brought me nearly to death by my own hand but prayed for guidance and direction. God seems to always give me what I need but I always hoped in a power such as yours. Maybe someday God will open that door for me. Again your book has verified my thoughts of nearly everything I thought true. Thank you and maybe someday we will meet. William (Nick) B.
Joan S. wrote:
Bless you precious lady. I treated myself to a personal reading from you for my birthday 31 years ago. What a loving, funny, courageous human being you are. Love and Light to you now and always. Joan S.
Christina T. wrote:
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your wonderful books! I often feel lost and alone, desperately seeking answers to things in my life that I have no control over. My love life in particular is heart breaking & frustrating. I find comfort in your words, a true resonance within my soul. Christina T.
Janice R. wrote:
I am a teacher of children. I have a Master's Degree in Education and have been a sucessful teacher for 10 years. I started to understand everything at age 42, and I read my first book of yours. Your book was an important part of my spiritual journey : It was, The Other Side and Back. Anyway, I wanted to thank you and to tell you to keep up the good work. Also, If you are ever in need of an Awesome teacher of young children, I am your gal. I live in South Lake Tahoe, California. Thank you Sylvia for helping me to realize that I am not crazy, and that all the cool metaphysical things that have happened in my life are blessings, letting me know I am on the right track here. Love, Janice
Veronica P. wrote:
I went to see Sylvia about 8 years ago with my mother & she allowed me to ask her 3 questions. One of them was about my future & she said I had a gift in my hands & that I was going to be a Massage Therapist. I can honestly say that I didn't believe it, but not even 5 weeks later I enrolled in massage school & have never looked back. I love where my life is. She is amazing & I am forever thankful to her for where my life is. Thanks you so much for showing me the way!! Veronica P.
Heather wrote:
I grew up watching you every Wednesday on Montel. Watching in awe and praying that one day I would be able to come see you. Well, here we are over fifteen years later and I found out that your coming right by my house!when i need you the most in my life right now Needless to say, I just purchased my very first set of tickets to come see you. I am so VERY excited and can't wait to get to see you live in person. God bless!!! Heather
Wendy wrote:
Sylvia, You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending green light for healing. May God Bless you, Wendy
Aline R. wrote:
In August 2011 i emailed to request my new granddaughter be added to the prayer list as there were errors at her birth and she sustained severe brain injury. This update is to tell you that she is still with us - still in hospital - but she responds to some things and is growing at her normal rate. She is a blessing to our family and I want to thank the prayer list for their participation in her still being with us. Aline R.
Cindy S. wrote:
I had the best experience seeing you in Lincoln City last night! You change so many peoples lives for the better. Your wisdom, love, grace, & humorous wit are truly wonderous to experience first hand. Thank you god for Sylvia Browne may you keep her surrounded by the white light of the holy spirit so she can continue to do gods will! You have my love, respect, & admiration at "HELLO!" Cindy S.
Dave O. wrote:
Last year a good friend had some medical and financial problems and I put his name in the prayer chain. He recovered a lot sooner and they didn't have to pay a $60,000 hospital bill. Thank you so much, Dave O.
Jody N. wrote:
Thank you. I had to thank you for helping me find some peace through your book. I've only read one of your books, The Two Mary's. I loved it, but this past August 5th, my little 11 year old Boston Terrier left this world for the Other Side and my heart is so broken. I miss him so much. I don't have any psychic powers anymore to help me. I can't even dream of him or get a glimpse of him. His photo's are all over and two albums of him sit on my tables. The emptyness is more than I can bare, but knowing he's happy and safe and that there are people watching over him, maybe even playing with him! I had to say Thank you.
Rebecca M. wrote:
I just wanted to tell you I still have a green bunny you gave me when I was a new born, 26 years ago. My mom Linda was once pretty close with you and says you would hold me while you did teachings. I'm sorry, not too knowledgeable in that area but I know my mom still thinks the world of you and since she's my world, you mean a lot and I hope you are doing well. Xoxo Becca
Janet G. wrote:
A friend and I we're both struck with terminal cancer last year, initially my diagnosis was 3 month to a Year, hers I don't think much better, but through the grace of God and Angels we have both been given a great gift. Time. Caroline and I spoke last week and she told me she wanted to send me your book. I've read to page 24 and felt the need to say thankyou, I live in East Coullee, Alberta with my angels, by boyman friend, and my 16 year old cat.
William K. wrote:
My dearest lady. I have been on a spiritual quest most of my life. I feel that I was only seeking what I had in my real life on the other side. I have been watching your videos and webcasts and reading your books. I have found that I have felt and believed so many things that you have said and felt the same things as well. As if you were saying what I have felt all along. I dont know if you were validating me or if I was validating you! God bless you dearone. William K.
Sherry T. wrote:
I love the newsletter online! Very modern and eco-friendly! Thank you! Sherry T.
Nieves wrote:
I've followed you for years and love what you bring to this world! I have not been able to see you in person-if I did have the means and opportunity to,I would in a heart beat! Nieves
Eva S. wrote:
I had a reading from Sylvia and I highly recommend it. I've been to book signings at Costco and so thrilled to just see you. I have also been to shows around California . I also met you at church's few years back where you could see the pool at the college. I have had a past life regression years ago with Eugene and I attended a study group in Salinas,ca.. I have never had a bad experience and it benefited me in so many ways . I can't wait to get back to the church. I enjoy it a lot . Thank you from my whole heart for saving my life a few times. You are the best. Eva S.
Peggy T wrote:
My Dearest Sylvia, You are such a blessing and I love you. I have been fortunate enough to see you twice in Ohio and loved every minute of it. You even gave some of your flowers to my niece who still has them displayed on top of her refrigerator. Wish you could make an appearance in Kentucky so I could see you again. Sincerely Yours, Peggy T.
Jackie M. wrote:
Hey Sylvia , I've been a long time fan of yours and I'm so excited to finally be able to see you at the Oregon coast thank you for traveling about and allowing everyone to still get a chance to see you in person. That's amazing. Take care, Jackie M.
Pamela wrote:
I am a new comer to Sylvia but have embraced her teachings and wisdom wholeheartedly in my life. She came at a time when I needed her most. I seek to know so much more about my path. I hope my path leads me the opportunity to meet her in person some day! Sending my heartfelt message across the miles, Pamela W.
Sarah E. wrote:
Hi Sylvia, Who would have guessed it would take me 29 years to discover one of the world's most well known psychic.. I have heard of you but never really thought to much of it. As I am learning spirit will let you know what you need when you need it.. I needed to simply hear your name years ago to then find myself in the spiritual section at the library picking up several of your books out of curiosity. I admire you for how grounded you are not only in the physical but also the spiritual. That is something I pray for almost daily, as I find myself escaping the energies around me by floating. I am a clairsentiant. Before I read your books, I called it empath. The too are synonyms to me. Sarah E.
Jennifer G. wrote:
GOD BLESS YOU SYLVIA! Please come tour in Houston,TX You have changed my life and I've been wanting to listen to your speeches live for so long. Thank you for all that you do!! Jennifer G.
Gina O. wrote:
Hiya Syl, it's me. Long time listener, first time caller. You are super awesome and thanks so much for giving me so much comfort in this difficult dimension of experience. I love all your books especially the Afterlives of Celebrities book. Love love love Gina O.
Judith P. wrote:
Hello Sylvia, I have read most of your books and I have enjoyed them very much. I went to one of your lectures in New Jersey a few years ago and it was wonderful. I am currently reading 'If You Could See What I See' for the second time. I get so depressed some times and your book has given me comfort. Please pray for me and my family. Times are hard. I hope I meet you on the Other Side. God Bless You Sylvia. Judith P.
Kelly R. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I am currently 27 years old and I have been following you from when I was just a child. The first time I saw you was when I was watching the Montel Show with my mom. I have read more than half of your books and continue to build up the books I own of yours every chance I get. I was even blessed with the opportunity to see one of your lectures when you were in my area. Your books give me inspiration to try to live the best and honest life I can. I unfortunately was diagnosed with a rare disease and received brain surgery 3 years ago. I will never be cured and will have pain for the rest of my life. From that point on it was like one tragedy after another with myself and my family. Including the loss of my mom to cancer when I was 8 months pregnant. However, you have given me motivation and spiritual growth to try, no matter what, to keep going. The main reason I decided to write you was to show gratitude and also to let you know that I have recently read "Accepting the Psychic Torch" for the second time. This time however it struck more of a cord within. Your Grandmother was such an amazing and inspirational woman. It made me want to be the best mother I could be. I have a 1 year old son and custody of my niece and nephew for the past 7 years. It made me realize a lot of things to read that book. Anyway, I am sorry for the long email. I know how busy you could be. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read it. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you and your writings. They always seem to help me through life. I hope to one day have the chance to speak to you or meet you. I would have a never ending array of questions to ask you. : With much love, Kelley R.
Thank You wrote:
Dearest Sylvia thank you so much for your time today. You are truly a delight. I feel like I have spoken to an angel. The peace of mind you gave me is a pure gift. Thank you. If it would not be too much trouble could you let me know how I can get a copy of our conversation? It was an experience worth listening to again. Have a wonderful day! Laura G.
Linda W. wrote:
Sylvia, Thank you so much for answering a question about my late sister in the Spring newsletter. It has helped ease my grief a bit. Also, I just saw you in Rochester, WA and wanted to let you know how much I loved it and to thank you for continuing to tour. Even though I wasn't selected for a question, your answer to another person was exactly what I needed to hear. You told her to stop feeling guilty about not doing enough for her lost loved one. You said to always remember that we write our charts together before we come down here so everything was as it should be. And, that's what I've been struggling with since losing my sister, that I could have been a much better sister and really beating myself up over it. But that one comment pretty much released me. It was like a light going on for me. So thank you Sylvia for doing what you do. You are helping more people than you can ever imagine. Love to you and yours !!! Linda W.
Connie F. wrote:
Dear Slyvia, I just wanted to say that I believe in your gift, an that it truly is a gift from God. I know you are at times plagued with negative publicity. Please don't let it deter you from continuing to be the amazing person that God has created you to be. May God Bless and yours! Connie F.
Jennifer wrote:
In the last few months, I have lost my home, my son, my "husband", and i thought, my purpose. But in the last week or so, I have read several of your books and find more truth in them than I ever knew possible. I thought my spirit was crushed by my so-called "soulmate's" abandonment and I only wanted him to love me again; but thanks to you and your wonderful books, I know now that there is more, and better out there. A part of me still kind of wants my life back, but I understand now that this IS my life, and I chose it. For better or for worse. Whether he loves me or not. And hopefully, I'm on the path that I'm supposed to be on. Thank you. Jennifer
Shery T. wrote:
Thank you! I followed your advice and presented myself at the center for people with disabilities to be a volunteer and the director was MOST receptive! I am on cloud 9 and soooo grateful for the "nudge!" Thank you so much! Sherry T.
Martha wrote:
I am currently reading your book the Other Side for the 2nd time and love it and trying to apply it this time. Learning now I didn't because of the abusive marriage I was in and didn't allow myself to fully absorb the info. I am though at my whits end with at the end of this divorce, jobless, and scared so I'm struggling to fight hard to apply the info daily! I do feel alone right now but finding comfort in your book. I've been praying that I do find a job very soon and that the relationships I thought were positively healthy really are and aren't just the negativeness creeping back up!! Any insure or help would be greatly appreciated. I wished you had a church or help centers in my area that I could fall on for some type of support. Thank you so much for your work and thank God for your words in your books!! God bless you, your help to others, your support and continued work to improve and help others!! Thank you! Martha
Mykaya R. wrote:
Hi, Sylvia I know you get mail like this all the time I really just want to tell you that you changed my life I remember I picked up your book at a library in Houston I was living there because of hurricane Katrina it was a ruff time in my life I was a single mom and at one of the most difficult times of my life I don't really remember the first book I read but I'm sure it was one of your ghost books but that was just the beginning for me just like you my grandmother was a big part of my life she actually raised me she went home to the other side a few years ago and now I know why I first picked up your book because u have helped me so much through the lost of my grandmother and now once again life is kind of ruff for me and I know everything will be ok you make me understand this your book Lessons for life is like my bible I love you so much and I just want you to know how much I appreciate you words can not begin to describe how much you help me I am a single mom with five kids I was in a abusive relationship with their dad just like you were I'm not some obsessed fan I just really need you to know how much you have helped me get through my time here on earth and if we don't meet in this life I hope to meet the soul that is Sylvia Browne I love you so much and thank you for helping me get by Love, Mykaya R.
Nicole S. wrote:
Dear Mrs. Sylvia Hi my name is Nicole, and when I was vary young I remember skipping school on Wednesdays just to absorb you. now I haven't fallowed your whole career, but I've recently just re-found you, during a time where I felt like.... I was supposed too. I just wanted to tell you that I love you, I knew I loved you the first time I heard your voice when I was 11. I had to reach out to you some how, because I just knew I had to give you a message that wasn't asking about a lost one, or my future. I wanted to tell you that I love you! and your helping me. Nicole S.
Pamela B. wrote:
You are certainly God's gift to us all. I have followed U for many years,gone to most of the seminars in Arizona, when able. I wish U all the gifts back that U extend to all of us & more. Hope to see U again on earth but if not we will meet on the other side again. Thank You... from all of us for sharing your gifts with us....Love,Laughter,Happiness Health & Peace...Pamela B If only all people were more like U... this place would be a better world.
Tara P. wrote:
I just wanted to share with Sylvia that 12 years ago in the summer of 2000 I was reading her book The Other Side when a friend had phoned me late at night asking to meet her. I finished the chapter I was on and drove out the country farm she was at. That evening on my way home I was in a terrible car accident. When I was able to pick the book back up the next day the chapter I was to read next was called Exit Points. WOW was that strange! Of all times to read this book and that chapter. Very enlightening and a story I still tell today. So thank you for being you! Tara P.
Phyllis C. wrote:
Hi Sylvia, thank you for the phone reading for me in March. Your gift has helped me to learn more in the last few years through your books and the reading than I have learned in a lifetime reading the bible and going to church. I now have a renewed Spirit with more hope for a better future. May God continue to bless you, your family and your work! Thanks again, Phyllis C. in South Georgia
Francesca S. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, I was lucky enough to get thru to you on the first Spirit Radio Show. Thank you for answering my question about the voice I heard in my twilight sleep. It was my Spirit Guide and her name is Isabella. I always talk to my guide and now that I know her name I'm talking to her more than ever. I'm sure my guide is rolling her eyes saying: Why did Sylvia tell her my name, now I can't get a moments peace!! Thank you so much for all you do. You have made the world a better place.... Love Francesca Francesca S.
Lydia W. wrote:
Hello Sylvia I am writing to thank you for the book that I am currently reading I am really inspired by your work. The book adventures of a psychic. Lydia W.
John V. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Thank you for making my life so much easier and fuller. I can't get enough of you. I'd love to meet you sometime here on earth, but if not maybe on the Other Side. Thanks for being you and writing all those wonderful books. I haven't read them all... yet. Thanks for being there for all of us who have had the pleasure of reading your books or seeing you or meeting you. This world will miss you when you return. I hope to see you before or after. Sincerely & with much love, John V. II
Connie P wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Thank you for bringing your presentation to Rochester, WA. I appreciate the knowledge that you shared and your humorous, yet sincere, positive attitude. I wish you continued health and healing from your recent injury and hope you enjoy all of the success that you so readily deserve. The world is a kinder and more gentle place by having you in it. You inspire me to be a better person. Thank You, Connie
Tina G. wrote:
Thank you for taking time to give me the names of my guide, and life themes, I didnt expect to be selected for my question to be answered. Heaven loves me and all white lights need to stik together so our bright lights can heal the earth. Do i have any Mediumship gifts?
Vickie S. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Thank you for giving me a personal psychic reading at the end of March. Your words put my mind at ease, which is no small task. Thank You, Vickie S.
Cindy T. wrote:
Sylvia, I wish to Thank You again for answering my prayers. My right leg was hurting badly and thanks to you and your prayer line the pain is gone. I ask that you continue to pray for me. Thank You, Cindy T.
Francesca S. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, Many years ago I started reading your books and went to see you on The Montel Williams Show and got to ask you a question. I have to admit that over the years I've become a better person and more spiritual. I was drawn to what you were saying. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I knew what you were teaching was the truth. I did feel that inner feeling inside of: This is real. I can't explain it, I just knew that this is what I needed to incorporate into my life. And ever since, I've been able to deal with life situations much better. Thank you Sylvia and God Bless you
Sylvia, dear. Just finished your book Past Lives of the Rich and Famous. Delightful read. Made me wonder how those people's lives would have changed, if at all, had they been able to know all that information while they were still alive. Stay well, stay safe and God bless. Love you.
Paulette wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I know that you hear this all the time, but I truly love you, I have learned so much from you. You have been an inspiration to me and you are awesome! Love, Paulette
Tracey G. wrote:
Sylvia, May all of your trials and tribulations be decreased in number, lessened in intensity, and shortened in length! And as always, we all Love You, trust You, and believe in all that You are and do for all of Us! You are beacon of Love and Light! And, as you always say, "God love you. I do."
loretta r. wrote:
I could not handle this world and all it's troubles, tragic happenings, and the hate I see ....were it not for your wonderful spiritual teachings through your books. It's the only thing that has ever made complete sense. All my life the words, (God is love) stayed with me and all my life the dogma of fire , hell fire and burning our souls forever ... just didn't match. It wasn't right. Now I understand and feel so free. Free to grow without fear. I'll be taking the Bible study course late summer. Really looking forward to that.
Martha H. wrote:
I love you Sylvia. Thank you for all that you have taught me. God Bless you.
Barbara W. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I have been reading your book "Life On the Other Side" and have felt a bond with the book and your views. I am very hopeful and excited about being with my dad again. I am trying to be more aware of possible messages from him now, and if I am very lucky, we will have many fine adventures ahead in our lives together! This book has helped me understand so much better why I am here and what I can do to leave this world in a better condition than I found it! I wish you good travels, here and back Home. Barbara
Jessica C. wrote:
Sylvia, thank you for being such a blessing in so many people's lives. You are a true blessing and inspiration in mine. I admire the courage and strength you have. I will continue to pray for your health. Love you!
andrea b. wrote:
Sylvia, I attend Novus Spritus each sunday and want you to know that after i leave the service I am prepared to face whatever negativity comes to me during the week. so many times I feel that the "sermons" were written for me. Novus gives me all of the tools for protection that one needs to face this world and I face it more positively than i ever have before. How do we choose our totems and why the particular totem that we decide will be ours i believe Chris told me mine was the wolf. I pray daily for your continued good health so you can spread
azna's messages.
Adrian H. wrote:
Sylvia, I want to say I LOVE YOU very much. You have changed my life with your spiritual teachings. Adrian H., Charlotte, NC
Susan D. wrote:
Just want to say you are truly amazing. I love you and have read almost all of your books. Have seen you 3 times in Vancouver B.C. Love you Sylvia.. Susan D Coquitlam, BC
Andrea P. wrote:
Thanks for the Montel video. It sure lowers the negative energy levels! I believe in you. Haters are ignorant. Andrea P. Waukesha, WI
Betty F. wrote:
Dear Slyvia,
I continue to have my prayers to Mother Azna, answered.
Those prayers for others have been answered often, and a positive change for my prayers before I knew Mother Azna. Slyvia, the sharing of your knowledge has made the difference. As each prayer for others has been answered, I daily give thanks to Mother Azna and Father Om for their abillity to keep things rogether. Azna's reinforcement of positive changes as answers to prayers, happens in ways my old religious belief prayers did not.
James M. wrote:
Sylvia, I'm so greatful for your work. I wanted to take the time to say that I still support you, your foundation and your work. I know your work is true from my own research and perspective. The good you've done for me and many others will stand hold and keep you going! Stay positive, if there's anything we can do, let us know, i'm sure we'll be glad to help! Love you! James M., Seattle, WA
Maria M. wrote:
Ellen N. wrote:
A message of support: The small sound bite we heard about the answer to the question asked by Amanda Berry's mother indicates that your answer was correct. Indeed they would not meet again until they get to the Other Side. It is just that her mother has gone there first, though unfortunately heart broken. Perhaps she was able to help release her daughter and the other women from the vantage point of the Other Side with all the help that is available there. :- God Bless You Sylvia Ellen N., Kalbarri, WA
Debra wrote:
Hi Sylvia, Hoping you had a Very Lovely Mother's Day!!! Sending you Divine Prayers, Love, Blessings, Healing Light and Prosperity as Always!!!
Angie wrote:
Dear Sylvia,
I joined your inner circle after reading your anthology. I joined not to ask a question but to support your work. I had seen you years earlier on Montel and I remember your first book. At that point in the past I was not ready to understand and accept the truth. You are truly blessed with wonderful gifts and I am blessed and honored to know you.
Much love to you and your family
Arman L. wrote:
I just want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day Sylvia, love and appreciate everything that you do!
SonLight9 wrote:
Happy Mother's Day, Sylvia. Prayers and All Blessings for You, your Family and All of Novus Spiritus. Love You!
Elizabeth S. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia! Wishing you a happy,blessed and joyful Mothers Day,Father and Mother God and the white Light of the Holy Spirit surround you and protect you and your Mission. Love always, Elizabeth S., Lawrenceville, GA.
Tracey G. wrote:
Sylvia, our Love, we never doubt your gifts. There will never be any ignorant statement that would ever cause us to leave your side, Ever! Light & Love from all of your family!
Susan D. wrote:
You are truly amazing. Thank you for everything you do and for all the people you help.

Love you,

Susan D.
Loretta R. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I know you are far more right than wrong. I have been reading your books for many years. You are the first one to say when you are wrong, which isn't often. Your being wrong on the Berry case could have been one of those blessings in disguise. I think it was better to think her daughter gone from this earth and in heaven than to know she was held captive, raped daily, beaten, starved and chained to a wall. What mother could live with that? The blessing is she is found at long last after she managed to escape. You state plainly in your books that no psychic is 100% right. You have never claimed to be right all the time. Your good works on many levels far outweigh a now and then wrong. Keep right on keeping on Dear Lady, as you are much loved and supported. Your books have changed my life completely and thousands of others. it is my belief that you do much good work that you never even mention to protect and keep the confidence of others. God bless you and God bless Novus Spiritus and all of us with God's light. Sincerely, Loretta R., Moore Haven, FL
Kellie S. wrote:
Sylvia. I want you to know that I support you and all of this crap in the media is garbage. What's the old saying beware of casting the first stone lest ye be judged. Thanks for all you do!! Kellie S., Portland, OR
Arman L. wrote:
I love you Sylvia, I just want to say that you have affected my life with your loving words and teachings in many great ways, you gave me strength, and more spirituality than i could have ever imagined, i really dont know where i would be without you and your teachings, god bless you!
Debra wrote:
Hi Sylvia, It is so wonderful to hear that Sherry Cole and the Berry Family love and appreciate you and your divine gifts as much as I do, as well as countless others!!! Sending Prayers, Love and Healing Light, Blessings and Inner Peace to The Berry Family, The DeJesus Family, The Knight Family, to you Sylvia and your Family, and to Us All!!!
Tangela G. wrote:
Those of us that know your work, know you do nothing in malice or mishap. I believe in your work and amazed at how you and Chris put yourselves out on the world stage. Hang in there!
Andrew R. wrote:
In 2012, She told me about my pastlives with my best friend Lynn.
She said we had an array of them together but in this life we were Cousins raised together. Which is 100% accurate. How she knew that without telling her she was my blood relative cousin, is amazing.
Also, she asked me what was wrong with my right leg. I have a problem with my right leg and its interesting to see how quickly she addressed it. I was amazed.

Love you sylvia

andy robson
Kathleen F. wrote:
Thank you Sylvia for living this life in all of its turmoils and darkness. Now I have hope by knowing that Father and Mother love us, all of us. They would not give you information to share with anyone that would create unimaginable harm. Thank you again. Kathleen F.
Tracey G. wrote:
Miss Sylvia,
First and foremost, I must say to you, as usual, I Love You! Second to that, I have just finished reading page 12, paragraph 2, regarding E.S., from your wonderfully informative book "Book of Dreams", and I got goose bumps, followed by a warm sensation throughout my entire body. You see, I had a nearly the exact same experience as E.S. did. Except, for the fact that my visit was from my recently passed on, best friend and beloved grandfather,, Tommy. He was akin to you and your beloved grandmother Ada Coil. I called him "Tommy", throughout our adventures on this plane. The only difference besides the telepathy from my Tommy was that I remember saying to him that "I would be back" and that "I have something to do". And, after your reading this past January, boy do I. But that is a discussion for later. Long story short, your son gave me a reading last September and guess what my grandfather does there? Well, you know. But for all of you, he escorts other spirits to the Other Side. How fabulous! Life is great, even when it isn't! Light & Love to all of you!
Loretta R wrote:
Thank you for all you do, for all your wonderful books, prayers, meditations, and for thiis wonderful inner circle site. I have poured over your books and especially the Tools of Life series since 2003. I don't believe anyone can just read a Sylvia Browne book just once. I read them time and again and always find something i didn't retain. Love you all of you!
Marcia H. wrote:
Hello Sylvia, I'm praying this email reach you. You are a wonderful being, and you have brought light to my life with you books and seminars. I pray some day I could sit and speak with you in person. Thank you for being who you are...LOVE YOU:-
Susan G. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, Thank you so very much for the autographed photo. I am forever grateful. I was so grateful and thankful.You are so blessed from God our Father and Mother God. Thank you for passing it on. Your teachings and books have saved me and helped me more than ever! Sylvia, what would the world have done if you hadn't stepped in? I know that the day you graduate and go home the world will mourn. I love you and thank you with all my heart! God Bless you, Susan G.
Kathie F. wrote:
So disappointed that I have to wait til July to see you now. I'm counting down the days til then!
Adriana H. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia,
I remember first watching you on montel and being so inspired by you. The work you did and the peace you broight to so many really sparked an interest in me which led to a deeper understanding of myself. I was maybe 12 or 13. I am now 22 with two children and i am proud to say that i am very in tune with my spirituality as a woman and a human being all because of somethig you did. Thank you for all you have done for myself and othera and the world! I love you !!
Angela G. wrote:
Hi, Thank you for teaching us so much! My entire family reads your books and we have seen you when you were in North Dakota! Angela G.
Johnell Denise wrote:
My Dearest Sylvia, I first you on The Montel Williams Show many years ago. I was so intrigued with what you had to say I went to see in a the The Mercahnt Market in Denver, Co. where I live. I was so happy to get yor autograph and hear speak I want to thank you for all that you do. Thank You and God Bless You !
Elizabeth S. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia! Wishing you and Michael and your Family a blessed and joyful Easter! Thank you for being in my Life! Love always, Elizabeth S.
Kathie F. wrote:
I'm FINALLY coming to see you this year at Seneca Niagara Casino. I am sooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!
Linda A. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, When you did my private reading I kept mumbling about not having all of my questions in front of me. The funny thing is you answered all of the questions I had without me even knowing. Your books are such a blessing in my life for the past 15 years now. I started reading your books over again and still have to use them as reference often. Life is wonderful, better everyday! Love ya, Linda A.
Janice R. wrote:
Dear Sylvia I remember watching you on the Montel Williams Show and just was mesmerized with your ability. With you seeing so many things I do hope you get rest and a quiet time for yourself. My sister recently gave me several of your books. I love them. I felt like I was sitting there listening to you talk. Your are truly a special person in a lot of peoples lives. Janice
Barb W. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia: I have been scared to talk to you maybe because you know my future. I had a reading with Chris and I found out I guess I took a wrong turn. I don't know you at all but I want to thank you for reminding me of mother god and our spirit guides. They truly keep me on top of my self. I'd like to get another reading with your son Christopher but I don't know why I am so fearful of this. He is a good and kind man I think. I find that I am somewhat hard on myself for not getting the job that I was suppose to on my chart that Chris had said I hope the best for you and your family, I am working on myself trying to love myself I have hard times with this but I try to help myself heal with the help of your lectures they make me laugh and try at the same time god bless you and your family for all they have done don't know what I would have done without you. Sincerely Barb
Mea D. wrote:
Dear Ms. Browne Three years ago my mother died from cancer. It upset me so much that i was useless to anyone especially my husband. A couple days after her funeral i was doing dishes and all of a sudden your name popped up in my head. And i felt this overwhelming need to buy all your books and read them. The next day while i was at work. I work in a book store. I bought everyone of your books. When i got home that same evening i read and read your books. I think i read a book a day. Your books helped me understand more about death and what happens to each of us. Your books helped me get back on track with my life. And i cant thank you enough. Mea D.
Marian L. wrote:
I love to listen to you questions and answer video of your appearances! Keep them coming! Marian L
Andrea P. wrote:
Thank You Love, Andrea P.
Sandra F. wrote:
Dear Sylvia Browne, My admiration for you and your devotion to God, gives me strength. I love your books! Reading your books makes me feel connected to you and your teachings, and not so alone. I just want to thank you for all of the good that you do. I love you! Sincerely, Sandra F., Salem, NY
Andrew R. wrote:
Sylvia, In the 12 times I have seen you in person, The Life Reading in person with you in San Jose, in your reading room was the most powerful for me. When you told me about my connections to the Shamans and the ancient carvings. It touched my soul and inspired me. I now know about my pastlives, all of which spirituality was the key. So powerful to hear that my life mission is to be a Healer. That forever means the world to me Sylvia. Thank you, I love you Mother Browne, Your friend, Andrew Robson
Jeanette N. wrote:
I saw your show at Fortune Bay Casino in Minnesota this weekend.... I loved your show ... This was my third show ... I have your books and now after this weekend I have 5 of your necklaces.... I had you Bless the 3 newest one..... I truly love you with all my heart.... God Bless You Sylvia and please don't fall again an hurt yourself...... Looking forward to seeing you again...HUGS, Jeanette N.
Louise F wrote:
Dear Sylvia, This is a letter of appreciation and gratitude. I hope you receive thousands of these. I commend you and bless you for writing the "Mystical Life of Jesus". I/we need this truth and clarity. Your books have been an important part of my life for about fourteen years. I think of you as my "Dear Teacher". Numerous times I have thanked God for you and for all that I have learned through your books. Sincerely, Louise F.
Sherry K. wrote:
My husband and I just saw you at the Fortune Bay Casino in No. was awesome as usual! While there, I purchased a beautiful Claudaugh ring, and I just want to say the craftsmanship and detail are wonderfully intricate and just stunning! I love it!
sara f. wrote:
hello sylvia i recently joined the gold membership club and i hope i learn how to take advantage of all that your club offers. it looks amazing!
Tracey G. wrote:
Sylvia, you are my, well truly our, Brilliant, Beautiful, & Prophetic Spirit, who illuminates ALL. You saved my life last summer and I thank you, with all that I Am! Also, speaking with you in January was like talking to an old friend. You and your entire family, animals included, are in my prayers every morning and every night. I can't wait until we finally meet! I Love You, my friend and family
Connie wrote:
Just wanted to say that I have been listening to you for years. Thank you for all the hope you give to so many. I hope your days will always be filled with happiness, laughter and lots of love. Thank you, Connie
Adas V. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,

You have a great inspiration in my life and I want to thank you for all that you do. Love, Adas
Tina G. wrote:
Thank you for answering my post. I know you get thousands of request for help and I thank you for your response. You lifted my spirit more than you know. Is my guides names Desiree & Brittney(Brit) and running feather? This is whats coming to me. God love you and your love ones I do.
Ann V. wrote:
Safe Travel, Sylvia. Looking forward to seeing you when you are closer to Reno, NV during your tours. Last time you were here I was working. Now retired for second time as two novels are sold and I can, at 70, realize my dream for retirement of writing even more. Because of your encouragment, I've never given up. Peace, love and hugs, Ann
Marcia H wrote:
Hello Sylvia, You have been on my mind these last several months - and it all has to do with a question you answered for me in Boston several years ago. I asked you what my next career would be, you looked at me and said bluntly and clearly - "PROPERTY". I couldn't help but think "property?!?" she is so off base! Out of nowhere this past August, I lost a friend to cancer and helped her sister clean out the house to sell. Before I knew it, I was bringing valuable jewelry to Boston auction's for consignment, finding experts on Persian rugs, antiques, silver etc., and became the "Queen of E Bay". My brother and I started a business for all of "PROPERTY" liquidation/acquisition. I have told this story to so many, who have asked how on earth I landed in this (totally fun and lucrative) business. I tell people about your reading, my doubt and then your utter accuracy - just by looking at me! Amazing! Even my husband is a believer and enjoys telling this tale. I hope all is well in your corner of the world. Add my name as another of your successes. Sylvia, I am forever your fan! Fondly, Marcia H.
Susan Marie G. wrote:
I thank God for you Sylvia, because of your gift, and putting them on paper, not only do I "believe" but also my huge fear of death and dying are gone. Thank you for helping me find myself. As you say when the truth is spoken, it will resonate in your soul. Always growing, Susan Marie G.
Derek M. wrote:
I was guided to start reading some of your books, and I have to say they give a warming feeling inside when I read them. I found your books to contain truth in the words as I always smile while reading. You bring so much joy to others' lives; you are truly one of God's beautiful souls. Sincerely, Derek M.
Betty F. wrote:
I watched today on SUNDAY'S Oprah show on past lives. Dr. Oz was on too, and the one who recounted a dream he had as a child & remembered - "His grandfather taking him to school where thers were a group og older men writing in scrolls. He said he thought they were planning his life." To me it sounded more like he had been to the council of elders, as he was preparing for this life. ??? Yes?
karen f. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I can only say thank you for being you! Without you and your dedication, many of us might still be lost. I was also surprised to find in your book Secret Societies on page 22, I found Edward Mandell House mentioned. He was my great Uncle. I was proud of his part in our nations history, until the day I read your book. He was a bit of a poop! Putting it mildly. Thanks for the enlightening facts. And I do mean that sincerely.One of your stronger gifts is Teaching! You must have thousands of greatful students. I'm glad I was one of them.
With Love, Karen F.
Alexander S. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,
My mother followed you on the Montel show all the time, my life has been rather hellish but through it all I remembered your helping of people. I joined so hopefully I can recieve some insight and knowledge from you as so many others have. I loved your book on secret societies by the way. Thanks Alexander S. aka Ailig D.
Phyllis C. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,
My friend gave me a personal phone reading with your for Valentine's Day! I can't wait until I am able to speak with you! It was the perfect gift for me! Thanks, Phyllis
Gail H. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia and Mr. Micheal,
HAPPY ANNIVERISARY!!!! Hope this year is your best yet!
God Love you both,we do
Gail and Tom
REGINA T. wrote:
Sylvia, Thank you for my reading yesterday, I enjoyed talking to you and it was so much help to me to see that I was on the right path. Thank you and God bless you and your family! Love Regina
shelley w. wrote:
Sylvia i love going to your shows. you help me alot in life
i will see you in may agian. thank you love shelley
Betty F. wrote:
"Mother God is a vital and active force in the daily affairs of our world." I truly believe this. My letting go of tying to find substitute jobs, and asking Azna to send jobs to me, relieves my worry. I so appreciate Her response, She hasn't let me down. These jobs allow me to help financially, family & Agape children in Uganda.
Susan F. wrote:
Hello Sylvia!! I was fortunate enough to attend your lecture in Lincoln California. You are wonderful!! My friend Patty went with me and she loved how funny you are!! We really enjoyed ourselves and hope to see you again on your next trip to Lincoln!! Blessings, Susan
Elizabeth H. wrote:
Hi Sylvia, just received the 2 book I have ordered looking forward to the the insight I know I will get from them. God bless.
Daniece wrote:
Hi Sylvia, I loved your show at Thunder Valley Casino January 18th, 2013. I read your new book Past Lives of the Rich and Famous great read especially the end with your tearing jerking story of you and Montel Williams. I can't wait to have a past life regression reading in the future. Love, Daniece Lozano
Gail H. wrote:
Hi, I received your new book in today's mail. What a great fun read! Housework had to wait while I put put my feet up in my favorite corner and enjoyed reading where some of my most favorite people came from. For example, you chapter on Micheal Jackson, explains so much. Made so much sense. I wish he could have stayed longer for a lot of reasons, but mostly if he could have learned to bring the joy of childhood to more of us,we'd all be better off. I keep you and your church in my prayer to continue to lead the way. Bless you, Your friend and volunteer from Michigan Gail H.
Lauren C. wrote:
Sylvia, I want to thank you for your books...I have received so much understanding and peace.Your gift is a blessing from God and I look forward to the day when I can have a session with you!! Happy New Year and may the white light surround you always!! Lauren : )
Maryjo wrote:
I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I think you are amazing. Maryjo
Sherri Lynn S. wrote:
Sylvia, I could not love you more. Thanks for all you do!!!!! Have seen you on TV lots of times. I appreciate your talent, your strength and how you value your family. Love, Sherri Lynn
Carolyn H. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,
May you and your family be Blessed with a Joyful 2013. Thank-you for sharing your gifts with me, they have changed my life.
God Bless You,
Carolyn H
Rosemary T. wrote:
Dear Sylvia; Thank you for being YOU--a wise and wonderful counselor!! Have a wonderful new year! May you receive countless blessings.
Patricia P. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Thank you for helping me with my fears and issues. When I become overwhelmed with worry - I just recall the things you said and I calm right down and go forward. I know your blessed daily. Patricia P.
Lorene R. wrote:
Sylvia, I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you do. Without you I would never have known the love of Mother God, the truth of the other side and living a life without fear and guilt. I would never have known purpose. I absolutely adore you and I thank God for you every moment. I love you, Lorene Riggs
Dian S. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,

Want to be one of the first to wish you, your family, and ministers a very Happy New Year in 2013. Love you all,

Dian & Jennie
Dian S. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,
I've been suffering from Home Sickness also and it can really hurt.

I do want to take this time to thank you for all you do for everyone, and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I will selfishly say please take care of yourself. You are important to so many!! With Love, Dian
Have a joyous peaceful Christmas and better health in the new year. Stay well, be safe, and God Bless. Katherine
Kevin K wrote:
Sylvia thank you for MESSAGES FROM THE SPIRIT! It has helped me in those times of HOME SICKNESS for the "Other Side". I am going to pray to mother Azna that Sylvia gets on Operah Windfrey show OWN on a regular basis to describe this. Others reading this PLEASE DO THE SAME since few know what HOME SICKNESS is. Also if Sylvia gets on Operah's show I don't want it to go to my head that is was only my prayer to Azna that did it especially since I'm writing this here! White light for us all. Love you, Sylvia, Kevin
Ben W. wrote:
Sylvia thank you for making your services so affordable in time for the holiday season. Megan has been wanting one for years and years and now it is a possibility for us :) Thanks again, and happy holidays!
Andrew R. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia,
Our reading together was truly magical. It meant more then words can express. You were right on the mark! You mentioned that my best friend Lynn and I are cousins, without me even menitioning it. You also knew about the cat I recently lost,whom is around me and on the Otherside. Thank you my darling Sylvia- Your a great light for me. Love you- Andy
karly wrote:
Dear Sylvia,
Just watched some but not all of your latest video. I love you and yes everyone says it. I hope to see you again some time. I did not get the job but maybe "next year". Have a wonderful Holiday with your family and I'm glad you have recovered so well.
love and light,
Jonathan F. wrote:
Sylvia, I read your book Psychic: My Life In Two Worlds, and I just wanted to say, you have lived an extremley full life with a lot of amazing things happening to you. Some good some bad. You have done so much good for everyone, and we all appreciate and love you so very much as our spiritual advisor. May God richly bless you and your entire family and all of your friends. Not only are you a wonderful psychic, but you are also a truly good person. Much Love, Jonathan F in Mobile, Alabama
Dian S. wrote:
Bless you Sylva and Happy Thanksgiving. I thank God for you, because you changed my life for the better. Thank you, and I love you much!!Dian
Valerie W S. wrote:
Just watched your November video, Sylvia. You always inspire me and make me feel good. Blessings to you, Chris, and all of your family and staff. Happy Thanksgiving--if it gets too dramatic, you can always hide in the pantry. Much love, Valerie Stasik
Debra S. wrote:
Happy THanksgiving Sylvia and Chris
Denise C. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I just want to take the time to say thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do. You are a hero to us all and I truly love you. I wish you the best during the holidays and always! God Bless You!
Lots of Love,
Denise in Cali
Michelle wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I had a reading with you today Sylvia, Thank You, You are wonderful! All the best to you love, Michelle from Ottawa
VIRGINIA U. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I was ecstatic when I saw my question answered in your Fall Newsletter. Thank you so much. Also I want to thank you for your suggestion years ago that I do a few stomach crunches before getting out of bed. I have passed this information on to many who were close to being disabled because of back pain, and suddenly they never complained of back pain again. Much Love, Virginia U.
Elizabeth S. wrote:
Dear Sylvia!I had a Reading with Chris over 2 Years ago he told me that the Man I am involved with had no Trust and Loyalty,how true and I put an End to it.He told me that I also will meet the Right Man and I believe I will.I walked out on my Job as a Caregiver I felt it coming,also I was burnt out.Thank you Chris and Sylvia for being in our Lives,Sylvia thanks for your Books it made Things clear.Many Many Blessings upon you and your Family,Love from my Heart and Soul,Liz.
Betty F. wrote:
I am a substitute teacher pre-K - high school, during the school year since retiring in 2011. I was worried about getting enough work, as we started the new school year. That is all changed. I have learned that if I ask Mother God Azna to help, She does. I will get a phone call to go & sub at a school. I am finally learning/understanding to "Let go, and let God." Thank you is always heart-felt, for gettting a positive response.
Crystal W. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, thank you for all your blessed work and for your amazing love and for Chris and all that he does. GOD BLESS WITH LOVE LIGHT AND PEACE!!! LOVE YOUSO MUCH!!!
Hollie wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Wishing you much happiness and good health. Love, Hollie
John Charles wrote:
Sylvia, Love you and appreciate all the loving truth you have given and shared with me. My loving gratitude for all you do. Love John Charles
Little Jan wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, Hope you have a truly beautiful birthday with your family and friends. Love, Little Jan B.
Elva and Hazelanne wrote:
Dearest Ms.Sylvia Browne, This is wishing you a Happy Birthday and hoping you have many more. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Elaine L. wrote:
Dear Sylvia-Happy Birthday. To someone who gives so much to other people I hope this day brings you all you deserve. Thank you for your books and for helping to give us the information that just makes sense.Have the best day!
RYAN W. wrote:
Happy Anniversary of your Incarnation Sylvia! Many blessings for your new birth year!!
Arman L. wrote:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sylvia! Sending you tons of love and Hugs on your Birthday! Hope you have a fun one!
Kathy B. wrote:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYLVIA I am celebrating You today, the day You were born here and Thanking Mother and Father God for All their help with Novus Spiritus! So Grateful You are here with us still moving ever forward! You really are an amazingly Strong Example to aspire toward! Here's a Million Kisses and Prayers to Mother God for a Million dollars Plus for Novus Spiritus! Love Ya So Much, In Love and Light Kathy B.
Carolyn F. wrote:
Sylvia, I just wanted to say thank you. You have changed my life with your teachings. You gave me the ball and I ran with it. Everything makes sense now. Bless you Sylvia.
Tina G. wrote:
Hello I'd like to begin with the fact that I always knew and trusted that there was a connection with the other side but never knew how to connect. I've read 18 of your books since March 2012 and i cry with happiness. Problem is i cant hear my guide above a whisper. I've passed your knowledge and books to 5 others and all have found that spiritual help. But as for me I keep faithfully doing my best thanks to you and Chris's books, Much love and respect and many thanks to you both for being faithful and brave. God love you I know I do.
andrea b. wrote:
r sylvia,
I have read your books over the years and have enjoyed them however since i joined novus spiritus in san jose ca, i feel like i have become closer to God. growing up catholic always left me with questions that couldn't be answered. Novus has helped me make sense out of why difficult situations happen and I face them with a more positive attitude. I have helped my friend (whom you taught at the catholic school in sunnyvale)with her life situations also. We both are continually noticing the signs that our angels, loved ones and Mother God give us on a daily basis. I pray each day that you continue to spread God's word for many years to come! We love u! andrea berti
judy w. wrote:
Hi my Sylvia, just wanted to say I saw you with Montiel when you announced your engagement..Your face how you lit up.. I'm so very happy for you.. And pray your health is good.. LOVE YA JUDY W
Andrew R. wrote:
Sylvia, I went on the Mexican Cruise 2008, I love you so much. I gave you the scetching with the Orb photos. Sending all my love to you and your family! See you in October! <3 Andy
Tracey G. wrote:
When you do officially go back home, Heaven that is, please don't leave right away on your Mystic Journey, we would all miss you and want you around us for awhile. I am asking that of you but I do speak for all of us, as you are my family and are so Loved by All of us. I Love You Sylvia! You are truly a White Light in the darkness! Oh, and that request is the child in me speaking but you already know that .
Andrew R. wrote:
Love you Sylvia, I am having a in person reading with you in October! I am so blessed and will see you then! Have lots to share with you! I have been realizing I am a mystical Traveler!
Carolynn T. L. wrote:
I'm not dead. I disagree. With all the pain I feel, both physically and emotionally, and some pure joy in between, I'm know that I'm very much alive.
Denise S. wrote:
Hi Sylvia
I had such an amazing time volunteering for your show at Chinook Winds Casino. Such an amazing opportunity and learning experience. Your so loved and amazing. We Love You Sylvia.
Denise S.

PS You have a wonderful husband too.
Tracey G. wrote:
Prayers, Love, and Light to You Sylvia
Sherry K. wrote:
I am a quarter of the way into your book, "Accepting the Psychic Torch." It is absolutely fabulous!I was fortunate enough to see you at the Black Bear Casino in Minnesota earlier this year and it was a moment my friend and I won't soon forget. At the time, you were recovering from an injury...I hope that has gotten better for you! Take care and God bless you! Sherry
sally f. wrote:
I have watched and loved you since the 80's . I've read at least 10 of your books. You are a treasure to all of us struggling earthlings. Sending you my deepest love and respect. Sally
Sharon F. wrote:

I have never believed in Hell.

Many many many years ago I was 11 and very conflicted about the rules of being Catholic and a loving and accepting God that would forgive everything if I just told the priest in confession.

I had been praying and praying and fretting fretting and My God said learn as much as you can be as good as you can without hurting another. I have lived my life that way.

Sharon Frey
Carla B. wrote:
Carla B. Sylvia, thank you so much for all of your knowledge sharing. I've been in tune with you since the 1980's when a 1/2 hour phone reading was,$.... Well you know how much it was then-lol. You introduced me to Mother God and the Et's, through the Journey books. Since then, I have found other entities saying similar things like you do. You were the first one to help me see Jesus in a different perspective,(whom I love) and thank you for all the meditations. Sending Light and Love to you-Carla
Tracey G. wrote:
Thank you for your guidance, your love, and healing. Took me long enough to get here but all good things to those who wait! Love to you and your family
Tory S. wrote:
Oh Sylvia it was so wonderful to see you and Michael walking across stage together in this vid. I love you and it was wonderful working your book tables in Indiana. I did several Healings for you in winter with Zero Point, I hope it helped. You are so beautiful, I am glad you feel better, Much Love Tory
Marian L. wrote:
Sylvia, Right now I am reading "The Mystical Life of Jesus" for the second time. OMGosh I can't tell you how much I love this book. I get into many conversations on Facebook about the subject of Jesus and how the bible does not give the whole truth about Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I wish I could shout from the mountains what I have learned in this book! Sylvia, you and Francine rock!!! God Bless You Marian Lyons
Peggy T. wrote:
Karla N. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,
I was able to see you in NYC recently. I did not know it was also a book signing and forgot to bring my book.Next time. I am glad to know you are healthy! I loved your lecture in NYC and I hope to see you some time in California. I would book a trip just to see you. I think what you posess is a gift from God and I have so much to learn from you. I want to mention the one question rule. Too many people were asking too many questions. Your too nice about it. One person one question, Gemimis don't count and neither do people who are ya know a little nutsy!! They don't realize how draining it is then again how would they?
Love to you,
See you soon,
Love Karla
Arman L. wrote:
Hi Sylvia, i just want to let you know that I love you and you really are my spiritual teacher, you have influenced me greatly in my life with your love and knowledge, im glad to have charted to have read your books, you are one of the main people who have let me turn my life around for the better, that is how i feel.
Tangela G. wrote:
Sylvia- I have to share my coin story! Recently I went to pick up my meds at the pharmacy and notice everyone not wanting to pick up a penny I spied on the floor. Note to self, pick it up if it's still there when I get to the counter. For no reason I look to my left and saw more coins! Silver as well! Well, I picked THEM up, the penny and while standing at the counter looked down and found another nickel! Today panicked over not getting a form signed to apply for a job that closed today I asked for help from everybody I knew on the other side. I spent a fortune on three faxes, a deadline looming, the number wouldn't go through, the guy put in the wrong number...I needed help. I looked on the floor and at my toes was (you guessed it) three coins! A couple of silver ones! Since I had been talking to two friends that passed over early in the year I'm guessing that it was them since I had told them about the dropping of coins. I always joked that if they went before me drop me some SILVER! Everything worked out and I'm 54 cents richer. That's a 9 in spiritual terms.~Just busting to share!
Joni J. wrote:
Hey Sylvia and Chris, Thank you so much for all the help you have given so many people! I'm looking forward to my reading with Chris in a few weeks. I'm saving up for a future reading with you Sylvia so I can mark that off my bucket list . I love watching your guys webcasts. You both are so inspirational. I can't help but to be drawn to you both!
Marian L. wrote:
I enjoyed seeing you on Live with Kelly! You seem to be doing good! I love when you interact with people. Kelly has such a good sense of humor. Hey maybe you should co-host sometime!
Love you Sylvia, your books have helped me so much and I have become much more spiritual. Reading your books got me through some hard times. God Bless You!!!
Marian Lyons
Roe M. wrote:
Hi Sylvia...loved seeing you on Live with Kelly yesterday. You are as always, amazing! Love you
Roe Macaulay
Kathy B. wrote:
Hey Sylvia! Saw u on Live with Kelly as u asked, U looked great, soooo good 2 c u on live TV again! U r doing sooo wonderful! Your fortitude and positive attitude r an inspiration 2 us All! Your Light really Shined! I love U in the greatest Spiritual sense; this is truly a Magnificent Obsession! I am, as I believe we all r praying for u, your family & Novus Spiritus!
Lisa L. wrote:
Hi again Sylvia!It was just so great to see you again.Even though it was like I blinked and you were gone. I love that you always look so nice and colorful.You have made my day. thank you so much. Wishing you and your family good health and happiness. Lisa Lannin
Lisa L. wrote:
I've been waiting for this moment for weeks. I have so missed seeing you on Montel.Something about seing you or just hearing you just makes me feel peaceful in this chaotic world. I so wish you would be on tv like you were on Montel(Bless his heart) I know he's got struggles with his health. I so hope you and your family are in good health.Everyday I have to read the message of the day.I have to see a man about a horse and refill my coffee so I don't miss a minute of you.Wishing you and your family good health and happiness including your so cute little baby dog. Ok your almost up. Yahoo!!! Lisa Lannin
Alicia B. wrote:
Sylvia, I am so sorry to hear about your hip injury.I feel like I've been through your situation not to long ago. God bless your health for a full and quick recovery. Love you!
Ivy M. wrote:
Hello, Sylvia.
How are you and the family. It's so nice to be able to communicate with you through this means. I've wanted to ask for your help for years, but, could not do it financially. I appreciate you being able to offer this monthly program so that people like me can afford to ask you questions. I'm very grateful for this, thank you.

Ivy M.
Alicia B. wrote:
Hi Sylvia, missed you!Finally get to get back on inner circle. I hope you and the family are doing well.
Donna G. wrote:
Greetings Sylvia, Last night my son and I saw you in Milwaukee....Thank you for a wonderful evening. I have enjoyed your guidance for so many years and have grown spiritually. It was a joy to see you and hear your words of wisdom. After the show I walked past the table where you were going to autograph books. I wanted to reach out and touch your hand but I knew you were busy and didn't want to intrude. Thank you for a great evening. Donna Gessert
Jean K C. wrote:
OMG Sylvia I just read about your accident. How terrible for you. I can only imagine the hip deal. That has to be painful. I have fallen a couple of times and had knee breaks and wrist and arm breaks. I do hope you recoup soon. You are strong you can do it. Just take care to mend well and stay positive as I am sure you will God bless you, Jean K. Coats
Carolynn T. L. wrote:
Yes, there is a silver lining. I was in the ER the other day and since I have an incredibly significant medical resume, they said I was so complex. Well, my reason for going was because of burning sensation in my arms. They ran all kinds of tests, minus the cat skan cause of my kidneys. They said I have a blood clot in my lung. Upon being discharged, I was getting dressed an saw a quarter by my feet. And I immediately knew that it was from my Mom (she loves to leave dimes and quarters in our apartment.) She was there with me and seeing that quarter put pure joy in my heart. So how many people can say that they left the ER feeling so joyful? It's my lucky quarter and I keep it in my pants pocket every day.
Patricia F. wrote:
Dear Sylvia

I just read about your terrible accident. I am so sorry you had to go through this. You are always in my prayers but I need to step it up a bit. Please slow down. We all will be there when you need us. Love and prayers.

Hugs Patricia Farris
Dreama M. wrote:
Thank you Sylvia i love being a new member and you and your son Chris have so much to gave love you and god bless you both amen
salina a. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I am excited to be a new member of Inner Circle! I loved watching you on Montel Williams and recently had a reading with your son Chris. Take Care! Love,Salina
Linda L. wrote:
Just wanted to thank you and your son for opening my eyes to so much.I no longer fear God but I feel I am still off track .. Love you so much ,Linda in Az
Karla N. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, I just saw your May 4th video. I thought I was the only person who used the term 'Rats Ass'! Can't wait to see you in NYC. It seems your Lung Congestion is better but still present.I am gifted I think somewhat but I did not know your affiliation with JAMA. I just thought you were smart! You also look MARVELOUS DARLING! As Billy Crystal would say! Just wanted to let you know.
Thanks. Sincerely ,
Marian L. wrote:
I just finished watching your latest lecture online and it sure brought me out of my bad mood. Your books have don't so much for me. I am looking forward to seeing you June 13th in Milwaukee, and hopefully getting in line to answer a question! God bless you! Marian
salina a. wrote:
Hello Sylvia. I just join the inner circle gold membership and recently read with your son Chris. Your son was so kind to me and patient. Over the years I had seen you on Montel Williams show and then once in person in Culver City, California years ago. I was in the front area of the auditorium. At that time, my mom had recently past away. She was a minister, upset, I was feeling lost and could not figure out my life's direction. I went to see you to ask if my mom was around me and what direction in life should I take for career & Love? I was raised with the idea that psychics are not sometihing God wants us to indulge in. I don't feel that way anymore. I remember you asking the people in the front (auditorium) in Culver City to just yell out their question and my body just froze. The girl next to me just yelled out her question and you answered it. I cried all the way home. Boy, I wish I had yelled out. That was over 10 years ago. I am older now and believe that God has a purpose for all of here on earth and it is up to us to live our lives in a good way. Sometimes, we get set off track and I don't see anything wrong with getting guidance to live or prepare for our destiny here on earth. I have gone through alot the last several years with divorce and heartaches. Trials and tribulations.... After speaking with Chris, I feel like I am on my way out of the storm. Thank You Chris and your mother. I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!
Therese S. wrote:
Hi Sylvia:
Please have your group pray for my sister-in-law Louise, who is in hospital with a serious illness. Doctors don't know what is wrong.
Please help and pray.
Thank you
christine w. wrote:
Hi Sylvia, looking forward to upcoming newsletter
god bless
Carol R. wrote:
Although I saw you lecture recently, I will never be able to afford a personal reading. I have been a fan/follower for 50 years. Gawd, I'm old now... LOL You have helped me many times on my journey, although lately, my path has become a bit foggy. From my own choices, I am sure. I will be visiting you more often. I know you can help with that. Take care and enjoy Sophie! How fun is she!!
Karla N. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I love to listen to you. You are a wonderful teacher. I wanted to cruise with you this past Feb. but I will see you at Town Hall instead! Thank you for your videos.
Love, Karla
christine w. wrote:
Hi Sylvia, love your books and teachings, do you think you can post more videos on your website for those of us that do not get out to see you in person that often, it would be great, and Chris videos are great also, Watch all videos on your site, and rewatch alot of time, thanks Christine in Kentucky
EVELYN R. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, I admire and love you and Chris. My life w/o your writings was so confusing in reference to my spirituality. I now have a new beginning and speak about you always, but I do get strange looks. I figure that's good because I am planting seeds, just not with "ready" souls. Love, Ev Ritz
Cathy J. wrote:
I would like to thank you so much for your response on your postings later last year. As you know my husband and I have been in a "Desert Period" with our business's and you predictied that the new year would be better for us. You were so right, we even saw the blessed arrival of another grandchild. I continue to evole spiritually, and this is a direct cause of yours, thank you for bringing me to new heights of awareness. Thank you for validating Mother God, also.
Read your book on Afterlives and was intrigued. Only wished you would have has a chapter/page or two on my favorite passed star, John Wayne. I feel he was such an inspiration and roll model for patroitic Americans and showed how honor is important in living our lives. Maybe another book about more famous people is in the works????
Peggy G. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,
Thank God for the gift that He has given to you and your son! I have been a follower of yours for many years and have been inspired by your great gift and also you vast knowledge of so many different subjects. I have been to your lectures and also have scheduled a reading with you in the very near future. I know that you are the only one in the world that can answer the questions that I have. I know your gift is genuine and unique. I tried never to miss you when you are on the television and even had someone record it for me when I could not. I have read many of your books and have seen so many of my concepts of life, as well as after death, displayed in them. I feel like we are so in tune with each other and look forward to talking with you. Your friend, Peggy Gray
Susan H. wrote:
Thank you so much for sharing your love and light! You have touched so many in such a blessed way Your inspiration has only just begun in my life and has already affected me and mine so positively
Gloria B. wrote:
Sylvia I have read many of your wonderful books, and everytime I get kicked back by negative energy and feel at my lowest I refer back to your books and I am good to go once again. Thank you for all you do. someday I will save enough for a reading from you, but till then I have your books. Sincerely, Gloria B.
Jackie S. wrote:
With all the negative in the world, keep in mind..You can't have flowers with out can't learn to appreciate the good with out the bad
Davy C. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,
I recently purchased your book on spirit guides. With it, I got the cd with the spirit guide guided meditation. Many things happened, but the stronger and most amazing occurence was when my guide walked me over to the "god" area and the scroll came down. I asked "God, why am I here?" I was expecting something like "your purpose is to ....." but, instead, the scroll and my mind rang with the words: "Because I love you." I cannot tell you how this made me feel. When I came out of the meditation, I became aware of the streams of tears coming from my eyes and the overwhelming love that I felt. Thank you so much for what you do!
CHRISTIE M. wrote:
Everything going well. Joined Novus Spiritus. Still scared when alone,accepted my caccooning to come when I go to heaven. All activities in heaven and people I love will be there when I awake. Until my departure from earth,I want to travel to New York and Europe Rome or Greece. I want to remember my journeys to heaven . I stopped remembering at age- I think altzimers has come. Too much soda.:-

Christie M.
mercedes v. wrote:
Hi Sylvia, I went see you at the book signing Psychic My life in two worlds in Northridge san fernando valley. You probably wont remember me since you come across millions of people, I was the pregnant girl that gave you the dreamcacher. Well anyhow I would like to thank you because your books realy helped me allot to find myself, i was lost and confused not anymore and it helped me to get closer to god. Thank you very much!
Melissa M. wrote:
Dear Sylvia
I have never met you in person but I have learned so much from you by reading your books and webcasts. I was very niaeve about life and the after life and now I am so much aware of this because of you. I want to say thank you so very much. You are a God sent to have entered my life. Thank God for your and your talented gifts.
Chris W. wrote:
Sylvia, my sister (55)passed away from ovarian cancer last April 15th 2011 and my father (80)just passed away on Feb 6th 2012 from prostate cancer. Needless to say it's been a very difficult time for me and my family. I find reading and re-reading your books helps me to cope and I hope that my dad and sister will both send me a sign to let me know they are both okay. I don't know my spirit guides name but I know he or she is helping me through this. Thank you so much for publishing your books as they give comfort during the most difficult times! We are all truly blessed to have you part of our lifetime. God bless you!
Kristi W. wrote:
I just found out you are sold out here in Alberta ...Rats, it certainly doesn't pay to procrastinate when it comes to you ! Get better and be well.
Valerie K. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, putting a 5 min video regarding Astral Travel on your home page to introduce inner circle memberships was a brilliant idea, I loved it! That video led me to think of this suggestion. Of course, like all my thoughts they are just put out there. As a wise women told me "take what you want and leave the rest behind".
I am signing up for a monthly $20 donation to Support Novus Spiritus. I've wanted to for a long time and now I feel that I can. My request is...can you do the same type of 5 min video (as you did with Astral Travel) with a "Sunday Sermon" topic for us on I receive the monthly study group CD and it touches my soul every month when I listen to it. It makes me feel in touch with my other Gnostic family.
It would be nice to log on to Inner Circle and get a sermon from you. TO ME ( no offense to anyone), I think it's how the apostles felt sitting at the feet of Jesus and listening to his stories. I just can't get enough. It's my one selfish indulgence.
God Bless, Valerie, FL
Edward B. wrote:
Thank you Sylvia for all that you do. You are the greatest.
Kathleen F. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,

You are truly beloved by Mother and Father. Please slow down. Maybe you should write another book, like a another book on Mother God. - Kathy F.
Karen G. wrote:
You are an amazing person and I am so glad that I was finally able to join the inner circle. You have taught me so much and I will always be grateful. Blessings to you and yours!!!! I look forward to the day that we meet.
Jill P. wrote:
I am so sorry that you had cancel your visit to The Mill in Coos Bay, OR...we were so looking forward to seeing you next week...we hope that you will feel better and send love and prayers your way.
Jon C. wrote:
A Dream come true! I just purchased my ticket to see you in Tama, IA. I am so excited!
Amanda F. wrote:
I have watch you on many different show over the year. I think you are amazing, very gifted and talented.
janeil b. wrote:
thanksyousylvia forbeing great spritraul treacher lindsey wisconsin
Dian S. wrote:
Thank you Sylvia for your book of Prayers. It's a wonderful way to start the day!!
Dian S. wrote:
Your book on Prayer's is deeply appreciated every morning by Dian and Jennie in Beaumont, CA 92223 Love You So Much!
tracey s. wrote:
hi sylvia am just reading your book conversations with the other side and finding it very interesting .have also read life on the other side which was really good . have always believed have got a spirit guide but would like to know how i find out there name am quite new to this but am learning and find it very interesting .thankyou. yours sincerly tracet sprake.
Irene P. wrote:
Sylvia, when are you going to have new book coming out? Thank you for everything you do for all of us.
Marie Z. wrote:
Thank you so much for all your work! Recently during a time of personal distress I asked my spirit guide what God wanted me to do about the situation, and I received a very insightful answer: pray. One purpose of hard times is to be able to draw closer to God and learn to trust at a deeper level. I just wanted to share that for I'm sure you and others will understand.
CHRISTIE M. wrote:
Happy New Year Sylvia and Francine, many blessings. Good year ahead for myself as well. Christie M.
Linda P. wrote:
Hello Sylvia I am a member of the Inner Circle and gladly so. I just have a difficult time reading your lips on the video. I am deaf. Is there anyway I can recieve the newsletters as before? That was my enjoyment. I love, love predictions. I love knowing what may happen in the future.

Please help me here,

Thank you and Happy New Year
Kathleen F. wrote:
Thank you Sylvia for coming to Albuquerque. It is always nice having you share your time with us. And thank you for introducing me to Mother God. Know I talk to God and Mother God every day. Mother God recently sent her angels to help me across some very icy roads. Thank you again. - Kathy, Belen, NM
Erica H. wrote:
Dear Sylvia and family,
I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May you you blessed with great health, happiness and prosperity in 2012 and many years to come! God bless you!
Erica B.
Patricia B. wrote:
Merry Christmas And A Very Happy New Year To You SylviaMay Father And Mother God Bless Yo
u And Your FamilyYou Are A Bright White Light Helping To Guide So Many Out From The Dark, As One Of Those You Have Guided I Thank YouPatricia B.
Donna N. wrote:
Thank you for sharing your quotes that are full of wisdom!
Jennifer T. wrote:
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year Sylvia!
Jen R. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, Thank you for giving us a way to connect with each other by creating this website. I am so grateful to you for your bravery in presenting the true story of Brother Jesus and how God truly loves us and wants the best for us. I love to help people and the forums give me the opportunity to do this. I will help you carry the Gnostic torch until I go back Home. All my love to you, dear one.
Deborah D F. wrote:
Hi, Sylvia just wanted to say Hello and I hope all is well with you. I was just wondering if you will make it to the DC/Maryland area any time soon. Take Care.
Aggie T. wrote:
Sylvia, with your books, letters and appearances I am more content with my life. I feel I have a direction and a purpose in this life. Just knowing how much God loves and helps us is a blessing. You are such an inspiration. Keep up your work at Novus Spiritus and God bless you and your family.
Aggie T.
Deborah S. wrote:
Hi, Sylvia Just wanted to tell you that I love that your web cast are doing the tenant's and that you are giving more information about each one. I am looking forward to your next one. Can you let us know if you are still going to have a show with montel? Have a merry Christmas!
Samantha C. wrote:
I grew up in a small bible belt town. When I was young I went to every church in town only to leave confused and lost. All the churches taught was to fear God and to fear death and everything else was contradicting. None of that made sense to me and I knew in my soul it was wrong and God wasn't mean. I would like to thank you so much for giving me the answers I have always looked for. Everything you say sparks recognition and truth in my soul and having this knowledge makes this life much easier. Thank you!
Patricia B. wrote:
Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving Sylvia,I am Thankful For Having You As My Spiritual Teacher,And for helping to bring me closer to God and my Family. God Bless You Sylvia And My Love and Prayers Are With You and Your Family Patricia B.
Darlene G. wrote:
Cheers Sylvia! Just want to wish you and yours "Happy Thanksgiving" in the good USA. I'm in Canada, and we already had ours last month! P.S. I'm a 'Yankee' living in this beautiful country ... yahoo!
Deborah L. wrote:
Sylvia, I have trusted in your readings since day 1 and believed in your blessings from God.. I have had a rough life in love and marriage. I finally met a good man after 58 years. I hope and pray that we stay together even after our time on earth is through. He is the first man who has ever loved me deeply. I love him the same.It feels so great to feel this kind of love!Deborah L
Sharon S. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia: How do I explain what happened? A friend and I were talking the other day and got on the subject of spiritualism. I was hesitant to share what I know in my heart (through you) is true as she is an older woman and sometimes older people are not as open to anything "not mainstream". However, she shared that she was so fascinated by what we were discussing that I spoke to her about what I have come to believe. She was so enthusiastic as she doubts what she learned in her Catholic upbringing. She asked to borrow my "The Mythtical Life of Jesus" and I gave it to her the other day. I think she is about to become a "Searcher of the truth". Than you for sharing your knowledge with me so that I can now share it with others.
You have become part of my heart and being.
God love you, I do
mariesa wrote:
SylviaI watched your webcast about astrology. Im a tarus I am tired if being loyal to others and not getting what I give out. You said we should leave things in the past but its so hard, you are so right
Linda K. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, Please remember us when its time for you to go home!! Thankyou. Linda
Donna G. wrote:
Thank you for all the wisdom you provide...I listened to the meditation on the site. It was wonderful. Do you have CD's of your meditations for sale? I have read the meditations in the news letters...but hearing it is so much more helpful. Bless you
Karl W. wrote:
Jennifer M. wrote:
thank god for you Sylvia! you bring light into my life and have opened my eyes to such peace within! Thank You !!!!!!!!!!! Love you my blessing from god, Jennifer M.
Kristi W. wrote:
I am new to the Inner Circle and I am finally dedicating time to reading all that you have available, and when I do read your words I tear brings me back to where I want to be, you remind me that I am blessed and that I am loved. Thank you...both you and Chris.
Melissa K. wrote:
Happy Birthday Sylvia! Have the best year! We love you....
Sharon S. wrote:
My dearest Sylvia ~ Happy birthday to you (and I HOPE many more). I ask Mother Azna to make it possible for you to spend it with your precious family. I feel so blessd to have met you and I have learned so much about our heavenly parents from you. You have opened my spiritual being and sent it soaring. Thank you for your life's work. Thanks be to Azna for sending you to us. I wish you continued health and happiness.
God loves you too. I do.
china s. wrote:
Sylvia Im glad God sent you in this world
Jordon M. wrote:
Since I was in grade 5, you were my favourite part of the week. Every wednesday I would come home and watch you on Montel Williams. I found from watching you even if just was on TV you opened my insights to the world. And its crazy but I think that you helped me open my mind to allow presences to come to me.I remember calling when I was 12 to book a reading but when they said the price- I prayed one of my loved ones would contact you, so you would contact me. The hope of a child eh!I just want to thank-you for showing me place in this world I had never found before! A gift that will forever be with me!
Tiffany K. wrote:
Sylvia and Francine, THANK YOU for being completely fearless in sharing with the world the "truth". It has opened my eyes to what life IS and why I am here. Instead of fearing God and religion I embrace it now after reading your books. I have such peace because of you. THANK YOU. ALL MY LOVE.
Susan R. wrote:
Sylvia, Thank you for all that you do. Your books have given me a basis for much of my spiritual belief system. Your teachings have helped me through many difficult times. I know that we each have lessons to learn or to help someone else to learn while we are here. You've helped so many. I can only pray that I can also help others in some small way. God Bless you.... Sue in CT
Phyllis C. wrote:
Hi Sylvia, I love, love, love you! Thank you for all of the work you do for those of us that just can't learn enough about how to deal with this life on earth, which I also think is hell! I recently joined the Innercircle and hope that you will answer some of my questions. When I hit the lottery one day, I am going to give away Readings from You to people that I love as a gift! I feel God wants to use me but I can't can not under my circumstances figure out just what I should do. Maybe you can give me some insight one day. Thanks Sylvia, God Bless! Phyllis
Betty F. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,
You have done a great service to people.I go to the Novis web site for mopre help.I continue to use the Novis Prayer to request prayers. Please know that I feel that prayers with added suport theough Novis, is a blessing. I have seen this as a wonderful way to add to personal prayers to create a greater prayer voice in the requests.

The prayer chain is something all can use to spread help/prayer requests as the spreading of rings when you toss a rock in a pond.
Phyllis C. wrote:
Hi Sylvia, I just want you to know that you have made a hugh difference in my life through your books and videos. You taught me the things that the Pastors do not say and I had never heard, even after going to Church all of my life. I read one of your books after a painful divorce and just cannot learn enough from you now because of the information you pour into your books and lectures. Thank you for making a difference in so many lives. May God always Bless You and the work you do for Him! Phyllis, Georgia
Linda F. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia,seventeen months ago, I became a member of Novus Spiritus. I have a great respect for you, and I want to thank you for all you do for everyone.I Just want to send you my love and and let you know I have read all eight of the "Journey of the Soul" books, and reference them. I also re-read all the other books from you, and I always find something new in them. Just know that when I prayed to our Lord and asked Him to "show me the way" I found you on the bookstore shelve, I thank Mother and Father God, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit for bringing me to your teachings. I give you Love and Light, and {{HUGS}}
Chris W. wrote:
Sylvia, for years I have been reading and re-reading your books. All the information that you have passed on about the other side was put to test in April 2011 when my sister passed at the age of 55 due too a rare form of cancer. We were so very close and although I miss her terribly, I know that she went Home and I will see her again. This has made the loss much easier to deal with so thank you.
Frances M. wrote:
Hi Sylvia, I have recently been widowed for the second time. I had hoped Jim and I would grow old together. I have moved to a different state to be with my daughter. I have put the grieving behind me and am looking forward to what the future might bring. It is more relaxing here and the people are friendly and I have gained a step-grandson and granddaughter. In all of this, I feel God's love and I feel blessed. You have brought so much wisdom with your books and I look forward to each one. My daughter and I believe differently than the rest of our family. Our beliefs are in line with yours. Thank you for using the gifts God has given you and spreading light into our world.

Love always, Frances
Cynthia H. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I hope you are feeling better. I love all your books especially the Rich and Famous one, I read at least three times, am looking forward to another Rich and Famous, it's very interesting to see what the stars are doing on the other side.
Amelia D. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Namaste! When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Thank you for your courage, dedication and love of Father and Mother God. Sylvia, 20 years ago I attended a Psychic Fair, and a psychic artist drew a picture of my Spirit Guide. I was amazed. He is a Tibetan Monk. A young man with almond eyes, and a bald head, and he wore a Mandarin jacket. The lady asked me his name, I answered Khua Tsu. I have so much to learn and hope to be of service to humanity. I will call for a listing of a study group in my area of residence. Thank you for your dedication, inspiration and encouragement for us on our spiritual journey in this lifetime. With love and gratitude, Amelia
Debbie K. wrote:
Sylvia, I wanted to take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have always believed in God but it was the belief taught by years of being brought up Catholic. I remember being a child and walking into the church and just sitting by myself looking up at all the statues and feeling something was missing and not quite right. In my heart I knew the God I loved and knew was not the one being shown to me by the church. After reading one of your books, I remember thinking this feels so right. I'm sorry this is so long but I wanted to thank you for giving so much of yourself to enable me and many others to see and admit what I already knew in my heart!!! You and your family will always be in my heart and prayers! Please continue to take care of yourself! Love You!
nicolas v. wrote:
Sylvia, After our hypnosis I see things so different, for the better. I am looking into your cruise in Feb. I hope it all comes together and I can go. Thank you for helping me understand more and hopefully we will meet again in the caribbean.
Donna N. wrote:
Hi Sylvia: Your wonderful book 3 "The Nature of Good and Evil" (page 91) Letters to the Universe by: "Raheim" is very, very powerful. I want to thank you from all my heart for writing this book. I was in a battle against a large dishonest company and I requested a hearing against them. I knew I couldn't win by myself yet I had to fight them by myself. I re-read your book (thank you) and I wrote powerful letters to the universe exactly like "Raheim" said to do and I WON my case. I won!! Your books are very powerful as well as inspirational! So THANK YOU!!
Gloria B. wrote:
Sylvia, thank you for all your books and your beautiful spirit. I have many of your books and I read them over and over. Your insight has gotten me threw many dark moments. Thank you so much. I hope to go to one of your lectures someday. Gloria B
lora v. wrote:
Hi Sylvia; I just wanted to say thank you for helping me find God again and for being able to understand how to love him more and to love myself.You are the best; so i just wanted to thank you with all my heart. God bless you and your family
Irene P. wrote:
Thank you Sylvia for the most recent video you made to talk to us, your fans. Please keep it up, it lifts my spirits and makes my day. Thank you again. Irene, WA
Julie W. wrote:
Sylvia, I am so thankful and happy to hear you are feeling better! Prayer are with you always. You have been such an inspiration to me, words cannot express.. Thank you for all that you give to us. You truly are an angel from heaven. Lots of Love and Many Blessings to you and your wonderful family! Julie
lorie s. wrote:
Sylvia, This world has always really needed your presents. I have at least a dozen of your books, I attended your seminars and classes up in Seattle, Washington, I saw you in New Mexico and when I first heard about you twenty years ago I called right away and made a phone reading with you. Thank you for being a stable presence in my life. I wondering how we can keep you for at a least couple hundred more years??? Lorie Sienna
Tara W. wrote:
Sylvia you are a legend !!
During one of my hardest times in life I picked up one of your books and was instantly given inspiration, motivation and love. I have learned numerous lessons from reading your books, weather it was something new to me or you confirming my thoughts. Thank you for being who you are. Your an amazing woman, bless your heart. Tara
Frances M. wrote:
Sylvia, I am so happy that you are doing much better. You are so important to all of us. I am now widowed twice and need your comforting words to understand it all. Thank you to you and Chris for being there for all of us.
Nanette C. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,
I attended your church for a few times about 15 years ago in Campbell. I was walking after church to the bus stop around the corner and you stopped your car about 1/2 block from me, got out of the passenger side of the car and said something to me. I didn't hear what you said. But as I only met you once it has stuck in my mind all this time that you would take the time to stop and say something. I need help to direct my physic instincts... They seem all over the place and are giving me headaches... Can you direct me to what classes or books I could attend or read to help calm down all these psychic directions so they are not so mixed up and forceful?
Nanette, San Jose, CA
Alicia B. wrote:
Sylvia, I'm so very glad you are doing much better as far as your health. Just when some people think they have it bad, you hear someone else in a lot worst perdicament. I have my days of not feeling so well but I am truly grateful for the family I have and other people that are their for me. Even though I have never met you in person but had phone readings with you which I am so grateful for, I consider you one of my family members. I wish my kids had you as their grandmother. You truly are marvelous in every right. I love you!
Alicia B. wrote:
Hearing the astrological signs from you was definitely right on. I'm just so glad to see you back to full recovery and seeing you on the web video again. You truly are an inspiration to me and I always take what you say with the highest regards. Love you!
Lori K. wrote:
Hi Sylvia, I thought about it a long time before I signed on to the inner circle...I hope to see you when you come out to the Colorado area. I think my Dad is trying to tell me something, and I hope you will help me figure that out some time. Thank you for all you do, Im reading two of your books right now. Your Friend, Lori in Aurora, CO
Janette V. wrote:
Dear Sylvia....Love You and just joined again to The Inner Circle, I've had the pleasure of seeing You twice in Iowa...please come back, and hopefully I can speak with You in person :) You are truly a Good Soul !! Love always, Janette
Rebecca B. wrote:
Sylvia, I wanted to say I listened to part of the Angels, Guides and Ghosts, and you're dead on. The veil, from my experience; is actually the darkness you see when you close your eyes. I know this because just before I had surgery the veil was lifted for me. My husband said to think of something that makes you happy as they wheeled me to surgery, so I thought I'll think of our wedding. As they wheeled me out of pre-op (no drugs in me yet) I was laying down on the gurney and closed my eyes and I kid you not, I saw heaven and Jesus, he was just looking at me with a white robe on standing underneath a golden trellis. It is so unnatural to see with your eyes closed and I fought so hard not to open my eyes, but, I did eventually and when I closed them again, he was gone, it was just darkness again.

I'm not sure what "hall" I had seen, but, I just know that Jesus was at the Cleveland Clinic on January 11, 2007 at about 9:30 am to see little ole me. By the way, heaven's sky is a gorgeous golden yellow and his hair is chocolate brown with big gorgeous soft waves. He is infinitely beautiful and loving. He was telling with only his presence, he spoke no words, that I am here. He healed me through the surgeons hands.I didn't want to stop seeing him, I held my eyes closed as tightly as I could, but eventually I had to let him go, but only for now.
Geri R. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I love your books. I read them again and again. I am learning so much. When are you coming to Colorado? I would love to see you before I go home to the other side. I am praying that you get some rest, you are an amazing woman. God Bless You and I love you. Geri Roberts, Fort Morgan, Colorado.
Janet M. wrote:
Sylvia, I met you briefly at a book signing a couple of years ago and so wished I could have told you how much your teachings have meant to me. You've made it easy to believe in a loving God again, and I'm so grateful, because I don't want to be afraid anymore. Much love to you and yours! -Janet-
Susan R. wrote:
Hello Sylvia. I have been reading your books for many years now. They "rang true" from the very first word I read. I have lived my life as though your lessons were straight from God himself. I believe that since they help me to become a better person, to help others, and to make my stay here on Earth a bit easier, they are exactly what God ordered. I'd like to thank you for making my life a bit easier. I lost my father this month, and without your belief system in place, I truly believe that depression would have taken over my life. You've been such a wonderful influence in so many lives. I don't take that for granted. Also you answered my question the other day on FB. My spirit guide's name is Lucinda. So at least now I know who to talk to. For some reason, I always thought her name was Billie, but Lucinda works for me! Thank you again and God Bless You and your family!
DANIELLA N. wrote:
I need your advice so much
i wish u all well
from the
xx xx xx xx
Martha H. wrote:
God bless you Sylvia and your family. I just want you to know that I just viewed your astrology video and you hit the nail on the head about me. I'm Scorpio sun and rising, moon in Taurus, and jupiter in sag. My son is Scorpio sun, Capicorn rising, moon in Virgo. Everyword you said about those signs was correct. Everyone has always given Scorpios a bad rap but I am the best friend one could have. I'm very impressed with your interest in astrology. Thank you, your son Chris, your church, and the employees for all the good work that you all do for mankind. I love you Sylvia and you and everyone in your circle are on my daily prayer list. Take care of your health-we need you here for a longer time.
Martha H.
Pennye S. wrote:
Just joined the Inner Circle and felt right away that I was being brought in under your protection. What a wonderful thing that is. Please take very good care of yourself Sylvia, you are so incredibly important to so many people. Our prayers are with you.
Pennye S.
Rosalina C. wrote:
5 years ago I had my son and went through an awful recovery experiance. I felt lost alone and depressed. I turned on TV to the Montel show and saw you. I have always believed in afterlife and guides. Your apparnace inspired me. You said to ask Mother and Father God for help, they will listen. I had to have a painful procedure done every other day. So I stepped outside feeling foolish for what I was about to do. But I looked up with tears of a child asking for my heavenly parents to help me, not be without pain, for I know that is selfish but to overcome the fear of the pain, since it will only last seconds. I wiped my tears felt calm and went to bed. As we prepared, I told my mom all about your show and how I asked the night before. She smiled as if saying whatever will help you through. Sylvia, that day a 3 hour procedure took but an hour, and as I got through the seconds of pain with bravery and faith, i opened my eyes and my mother and I smiled as I said, I told you momma, they heard me, and it got easier each time until I felt no pain. I have been a thankful reader and believer since then. It has opened my eyes and helped me explain to other loved ones. With my son now 5 he says things as though he sees Angels and his heart is so warm. Without your books and teachings I would take it as imagination. I hear him, guide him. Mostly I realized it was meant for me to go through what I did, to read and learn from you, so that I can be on the right path to guide my son. I am so glad that I can finially tell you my story and say thank you. God Bless and may our paths meet one day so I can give you a hug.
Sending Blessings, Rosalina Weckmann-Cloukey
Linda S. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Thank you for all the years you have kept me sane! I searched for all my young life for answers to the meaning of life, now I have peace. Thank you and God Bless you and your family. Love forever Linda
ALLISON B. wrote:
Thank you Sylvia for being such an inspiration in my life. Through your teachings I have learned to take each day one at a time because I know I wrote this life plan for myself. I really must have been crazy when I did it, I don't know what I was thinking!! I am glad to hear you are feeling better! I really enjoyed seeing you at 4 Bears in North Dakota and I treasure the book you signed for me. The few seconds I got to speak to you meant more to me than you know. Thanks again for all you do for so many people! I love you Sylvia God bless you and your family always!
Donna S. wrote:
Hi Sylvia : I have read all of your books and cannot get "enough" of you! When are you coming to the East coast ? Before I go back to the other side I desire to be in your presence I was soo happy to hear that you haven't decided to exit yet !!!Praise Azna!!!Lots of Love and blessings to you . Donna
Dorothy S. wrote:
I am praying you get back to feeling totally well again. You are a guide to so many and your genuine feelings towards your followers are a measure of the beautiful person you are. I hope you visit TX so I can see you in person!
God bless you and your family! My prayers are with you all.
Marian L. wrote:
I just joined the Inner Circle I am so looking forward to the webcasts etc. I have missed seeing her 3 times now due to timing so I wanted to know way ahead of time where she is going to be. One day I am going to meet you Sylvia. I have admired you for so long, and have read all your books. I would like to start my own group of Gnostic Christians. God Bless you for all you do.
Sharon S. wrote:
My dearest Sylvia: I just watched your much awaited new webcast of July 7. How wonderful you look and I am so happy to see you so healthy and well. You appear to be your old vibrant self. Praise Azna for your recovery. As you say, we are here to learn so please accept this lesson you were given to take time to "smell the roses". We definitely want you to be with us for a long time. Saying "thanks" doesn't seem to be adequate enough for what you have given to us. However, I send you my heartfelt thanks and love.
God loves you, so do I
Stacie S. wrote:
I am glad you are feeling better and hope you continue to feel better each day. About a month ago, I started attending the Novus Spiritus services in Renton, Wa. I have never felt so welcomed and felt that I had finally found a place where I could be comfortable in my beliefs as I have with Novus Spiritus. I want to thank you for starting Novus Spiritus and bringing us all together to continue our spiritual growth. God bless you.
Ida C. wrote:
I just had a reading by Chris today. WOW! He answered my questions without my even asking them. It was the best thing I ever decided to do. If you are just thinking about a reading, do it! I have a new lease on life and am back on track. I can't express how grateful I am. Thank you so much, Chris, and may God richly bless you and your wonderful mother for your good work.
Donna L M. wrote:
I am so very glad you are feeling better, we came to see you in Chester, Pa. And you still look like you need to rest and take care of yourself and your husband. I pray that you will continue to get better and soon be back to your usual self. Prayers and thoughts are with you each and every day!! Love you and I cannot wait to see another one of your fantastic lectures. I really enjoy them
Pamela M. wrote:
Hello, I live in Australia, I was in our local library & your book literally jumped out at me, Physic children. I couldnt put it down & I'm not a fast reader, was pretty happy with myself that I actually read it before the due date. I am chuffed to have found you, also glad to read you are recovering & wish you a speedy recovery. Thankyou sweet universe for ladys like you.
Katherine G. wrote:
Hi Sylvia, In my job I have to be a bad guy and keep order. Sometimes people make me so mad I just want to be mean to them, so I have to try and visualize everyone as one, all the same spirit holding hands and that seems to get me past my anger. If I dont do that then I am in a bad mood all day. Just wanted to share with you. Much love and Prayers for you and your whole family. Kathie
yvette s. wrote:
I really admire you and all that you have done I am so glad to hear that you are feeling much better I'm all new to this site but I will be reading a lot of your post and looking at videos you are a wonderful human being may mother god ozna be with you always and father god and the holy spirit you are an inspiration to me I have had my share of horrible things happen to me and your words always push me to let go and move forward in life embrace it and learn from it thank you from my heart god bless and keep you safe
Kathy Q. wrote:
Sylvia, God has brought you back into my life just at a time when I needed it most. If only I could have a portion of your beautiful heart and goodness life would be wonderful. Stay well, I love you.
brenda p. wrote:
I had a reading done by Chris and it was wonderful. He answered all my questions and was polite. Sylvia I wish you the best thanks for all you do.
sasha m. wrote:
I am so happy to be apart of you're circle. My sisters and I have been following you for years. You have helped open our minds and hearts to god.
Bless You
Kim O. wrote:
Sylvia, I love you so much and I believe in reincarnation just as you do. I sincerely hope you get better, soon. I dont think this planet can grow without your spiritual truths! Pls get the rest and peace you need to grow stronger!! We all on this site need you.....
Catherine G. wrote:
Hi Sylvia! Just left the casino in PA to see your show! You are fabulous! Thanks for answering my question. I look forward to what you said! You are so direct and quick and FUNNY!!!!! I came all by myself from VA and it was well worth it!!! Thank you for being you! You are awesome! Sorry you stubbed your leg! Hope it feels better! xoxoxxoxoxox lots of prayers and love, catie
Teresa W. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,wow you have so many wonderful people that love you.I to want you to know just how wonderful you are. You are god sent,we all want to thank you and pray for you.You really mean so much to all of us!Look at the people who love and need you!Please get well soon.Can't wait to see you next month in Louisiana.Hugs! Teresa W.
Teresa W. wrote:
Sylvia,wanted to say,i had a very troubled sister in law,long story short,i picked her up, she read your first book in one night,i know it saved her life.Am looking foward to seeing you again next month in Louisiana.So happy your better!Love Teresa
sherry s. wrote:
Thanks so much for my reading in may i have a lung disease i have just been diagnosed with in december there is no cure death or lung transplant. sylvia those were the first words out of your mouth along with a back fracture. i have so much respect for you always have always will. sylvia you are my angel. I have been to three of your lectures head back to michigan.


Sherry From Michigan:-
Jonathan F. wrote:
Sylvia, I just wanted to let you know that from the moment I heard you were sick, I began praying every day. So glad to know it was nothing major. You are such an inspiration to me because I actually was contemplating suicide but then read your book Psychic Healing, and decided not to follow through with that. You literally saved my life. Thank you so much for all of the work that goes into your writing. Many people spend their entire lives writing just one book, yet you have written so many books each with such vast knowledge. I can't wait to get my hands on more of them. So far I've read Psychic Healing, Exploring The Levels of Creation, The Truth About Psychics, and Prophecy.
Sharon S. wrote:
My dearest Sylvia: Pease remember a church is not it's building, it's its people. You have built a lovely following by teaching love, light and the true meaning of life. There are so many people who care for you, it is overwhelming! You may have to close your "offices" but you will never close the philosophy of Novus. I will continue to be a member of the Inner Circle for I have garnered so much light and love from its members, who are now part of my spiritual family. It is the best internet group of them all. And Sylvia, I hate to tell you, but I will always follow you. You have shared so much of "you" that I feel you are part of "me". Praise Azna for she allowed us "selfish" people keep you here with us. Please continue to rest and heal...God loves you, so do I.
Kim O. wrote:
Sylvia, just one more thing...I've never had any contact with your son, but I can tell just by looking at him that he is a true angel!!! You're so lucky!!!
Kim O. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Has anyone told you how beautiful you are? I hope I look as good as you when Im your age!! You're beautiful inside and out! I love you and the late Edgar Cayce. Both of you are a gift from God! I read where he had made a prediction about a woman who would precede him that would be as spiritual and healing as himself. I believe he was speaking of you!! So, I guess he knew your birthchart and incarnation era. I know in my heart you will be so greatly rewarded by God for your beauty...Thank you for your existence on this planet!!
Hellen W. wrote:
It was so nice to get back with you. Lost and found is the way it goes. Have admired you for years and read most all of your books. Please keep healthy for the world , but, mostly for you and your family. Thank you so much. I saw you in San Antonio a few years back and loved it. Thank you again.
Eric B. wrote:
Love you dearly hun! And i'm glad to see you up and about, be loved!
Sue P. wrote:
Hi Sylvia-I just joined the Inner Circle. I have loved and admired you for many years and just recently learned about your website and am reading all of your books. I'm sorry to hear you've been ill but am so happy to hear you are better! I hope to see you in person sometime. I love you !!
denise m. wrote:
Sylvia, I love you!!! I just finished watching your video regarding your health and was so happy to hear you are doing well. I will continue to keep you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all you do, love your books and had an opportunity to see you in person a few years ago. If it weren't for you sending out love and light and wisdom to cut through all of the darkness out there, I would truly be crazy by now! You have transformed my life. God Bless you!
Patricia F. wrote:
Dear Sylvia I just watched your update and I am so happy you and your Husband are doing so well. I have you both in my prayers every day. Sylvia, you have been big part of both my Husband abd my life for a very long time. We are both in our late 60s and you have answered so many questions for us. Please slow down and smell the flowers. Perhaps you could get a gig on TV again. I miss you and Montel. We love you. Patricia and Anson Farris
Sandra S. wrote:
Just wanted to let you know that you and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers and I am so happy you are feeling better and that he is doing better too. Please keep me in your prayers for my/your study group to grow and to give me the knowledge I need to help others. Love you.
Jaime R. wrote:
I am so glad to hear you are doing better. You are such a strong lady, I really think you are doing a fantastic job. Please know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. You have been such a huge part of my life and I have treasured every one of your books. I still go to them for reference when I am feeling a little lost or confused. Thank you for everything you are and have done for so many people in this world. I love you and you take care. Jaime in Utah
Sherry T. wrote:
I just watched your update video. Glad to know you are doing better. I am sure this has been suggested to you by others, but I want to mention Yoga as a great way to "de-stress." I started it a year ago and taking the time to do a yoga routine is well worth the effort.
I appreciate your words of wisdom regarding trauma and difficulty in one's life being "lessons learned." I just went through a traumatic experience myself. Knowing it is something I charted myself and that I am "experiencing for God" makes it just a bit easier to deal with. Some good will come out of our usually does.
Thanks again for being YOU! And Continue to care for yourself the way you have cared for others.
Love you!
Sherry in Utah
DAVID K. wrote:
Dear Sylvia. I just saw your June 7th podcast. Hope you're feeling better and please listen to your body and slow down. In regards to your husbands Prostate Cancer, I too was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in December 2010. I chose an alternative method to battle my cancer....the Gerson Treatment. I highly recommend you review their webpage at to review and gain knowledge of this wonderful program. Wishing you both the best. Much love. Dave
Jerri M. wrote:
Sylvia it was so good to see you on your video and see how well your doing. It's one thing to hear that someone is doing well, and quite another to actually see it. The lows in our lives are that makes us appreciate the good times and makes us stronger. The thought that ran across my mind is what are we going to do without Sylvia if we don't have a good outcome from this health scare! But there you are full of life, humor, and still giving of your time and talents. Your one remarkable, talented, passionate, generous and driven woman. I am glad your back and hope you will slow down so we can have you around for many years to come! May God bless and keep you! with Love Jerri Michael, Newport News, Virginia
Joan S. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia. Continued blessings during your recovery. You have been an inSPIRITion in my life. Keeping you, family and staff in my prayers. Joan
Jean K C. wrote:
I was so very glad to see you on your webcast just now. I have missed hearing from you so much and didn't realize how much till I started listening tonight. Please take care of yourself you have taught us so much now it is time to teach you. Slow down, do things that you enjoy and realize that we are all still here for you as you are for us.
With love and light, God Love you, I know I sure do.
Kathy Coats
Jeannine W. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I'm happy to see that your doing so much better. I have missed you and hope we meet again one day in NYC. Many Blessings and Lots of Love to you and your family. Jeannine
Vickie W. wrote:
I just watched your telecast and I was so happy to see you smiling, laughing, and looking so good! Thank you for getting well and being able to continue guiding us all. We all depend on each other to get through this time on earth, and we are grateful for your existence. Thanks for everything you do.
Vickie W.
Deborah S. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,
I just watched your webcast and I'm so happy to see that you are feeling better and to hear that you are taking care of yourself. You have taught us so much and I look forward to learning more! I hope you can do more webcast in the future.I will continue to pray for you and your family,also I'm happy to here that your husband is better now. All my best to you.
Sharon S. wrote:
My Dear Beloved Sylvia ~ I just listened to your most current webcast and was simply delighted to see you looking so well I saw you in Florida and something in my gut told me something was wrong. Don't have to worry about that any longer as our heavenly parents interceded and made all well ~ hallejilah!!! I continue to follow the Gnostic beliefs but so often, I forget the simplest thing and my brothers and sisters on the Inner Circle remind me. The Inner Circle is a group of wonderful people who feel as if we are a family. However, this family advises, sends prayers and supports each other. It is a miraculous thing you have created. Inner Circle Members love all love you unconditionally. Rest up, be good, stay our of trouble and keep spreading the word of Mother and Father
God. They love do I
Leeann J. wrote:
You are so BEAUTIFUL. Inside and out. Namaste, Leann
Cheryl M. wrote:
I have followed you since your "People are Talking Days" I cannot begin to tell you how much you have helped me. You are so special. What a gift you have given SO many people. I truly hope that you are feeling better and know that someday when its time for you to go back home how much you will be missed and how grateful we all are for your sharing of information. Because of you, I try to help spread your information and sometimes I can tell I too have helped someone. I hope Chris will continue his work as well. I haven't felt as close to him but I've followed you for almost 40 years. Take care and I hope you come back to Reno as I am always there. Love Cheryl
Donna B. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, I am so grateful that you are continually feeling better! We will continue our prayers for you. I hope your husbad is doing well. We will continue our prayers for him as well. Thank you and your entire family and staff. Donna
Patricia M. wrote:
Thank you for all the information you give us. So happy you are doing better. Please look into using Protocel and Paw Paw for your husband's cancer. I have been dealing with breast cancer since 1994 and in 2000 it became Stage IV, invasive, inoperable. Have been burned, slashed and poisoned so I know what he is dealing with. On March 1st I started using Protocel 23 (there are two formulas so check it out), saw some improvement and on April 15th added Paw Paw because I have had so much chemo. My oncologist told me he can't explain me!! Hoping that a PET/CT in July suprises us both!! I feel if you know something that can help someone and you don't share it is sinful---so I am sharing with you.
Betty F. wrote:
Happy you are better:) Keeping you in my prayers. "Make haste slowly" as you move forward, health is a delicate balance for us all. I continue use the Novus Prayer request online for you and so many others.

Betty F.
Laura D. wrote:
Sweet Sylvia, Having both you and your son Chris here with us during this lifetime is a comfort for my soul. Thank you for your teachings and delivering information to us from the Other Side. I've read many of your books and listened to lectures, and used them to empower myself physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I don't think I can ever express my appreciation and gratitude for your work and knowledge. God Bless you and continue to feel better! We're praying for you.
Joyce H. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, you must know how much we cherish you and all that comes through to us from Heaven. I just would like to add a big thank you again, for the Love you have for our Mother and Father God. It's hard to describe to anyone the love that comes across from your intimate relationship with them. Your books are wonderful. I read them over,over,and over.
Love to You Sylvia,
JEAN B. wrote:
Your books and tapes have given me so much comfort since my son has passed. God loves you and so do I. Jean Fla.
Arlene R. wrote:
Sylvia, my friend, Vicki M., and I LOVE travelling with you to Israel/Egypt, Mediterranean, and Ireland. Will you ever schedule a trip to China or Australia? If you ever do, WE'RE THERE! Keep those fantastic trips coming. We LOVE you and hope you are feeling better. (Don't scare us like that ever again.) Love you, Arlene R.
Shannon L. wrote:
Sylvia, I am looking forward to our future reading together. I feel a true connection to you, unlike any other toward a person I have never met. I pray for your complete return to good health, you are truly loved. -Shannon Alise
Cassandra T. wrote:
Hi Sylvia; something in my mind told me that you were ill and I just rebuked it, and said to myself "Sylvia's not sick". From reading here, I see that you did encounter an illness. With all the love that we have for you, I know that your recovery will be speedy....I think you're the greatest..Love you.......Jo T.
Dian S. wrote:
sherry s. wrote:

Sherry T. wrote:
Dear Sylvia,
Wishing you continued progress in your recovery.
Thank you for the courage to go on in tough times and the hope for brighter tomorrows!
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