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Chris Dufresne's Biography
Chris Dufresne's BiographyChris Dufresne, son of Sylvia, is a highly respected psychic in his own right who works alongside his mother in the Northern California area. He has two children, Angelia, and William.

Chris is an authentic psychic from birth. Being Sylvia's son he shares in her genetic predisposition to psychic excellence. Chris is the only other psychic recommended by Sylvia. He has been a working psychic for more than 25 years and has established his own clientele from thousands of satisfied clients. Chris is a superb reader and the best alternative to Sylvia.

Chris has authored books entitled, My Life with Sylvia Browne - A Son Reflects on Life with His Psychic Mother and has co-authored a New York Times best-selling book with his mother entitled, Animals on the Other Side. He also has another book released in June 2006 and published by Hay House entitled, My Psychic Journey.

In 2009 Chris became the host of the "Ask Chris" Radio Show. Tune in every Thursday at 1pm Pacific Time (4pm Eastern)

Click here to ask Chris a question for his webcast.

Click here to get a reading with Chris.
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