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"I am from India and I just got off the phone with Chris - my second full-life reading (*despite him always telling me that all I need is my guide and that I should really spend my money elsewhere!*). He has an uncanny knack for helping you relax and not be nervous. He's like an old friend, a family member or a big brother - loving, caring, protective, sincere and always right! But then you guys knew all that! So what's new? May Azna bless you Chris and your son Will too. Love you."        

- Asha

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Chris Dufresne is an internationally recognized psychic and author who has been in professional practice for over 30 years. He is the son of world renowned psychic, author, lecturer and researcher, the late Sylvia Browne.


Both Chris and Sylvia's lineage includes over 300 years of practicing psychics and individuals involved in the field of parapsychology. Like his mother, Chris is also an award-winning author. He has written 7 books, two of which have appeared on the New York Times Best Sellers List.


Chris has also appeared on several TV programs over the years including People Are Talking, Bay City Limits, Northwest Afternoon, Unsolved Mysteries, and the Montel Williams ShowHe has also been a featured guest on countless radio shows.

Chris, like Sylvia, is very involved with his community. His primary goal in life is to help people with his gift.


Since Sylvia's passing, Chris has embarked on his own path, which includes lectures throughout the country, radio podcasts and television appearances. In this way, he continues his mother's legacy, bringing spiritual awareness to our world, as well as his own personal message of hope, peace and love, in his own way.

For more information about Chris Dufresne or to schedule an appearance by him in your area, please contact him at    office@sylviabrowne.com 

Radio guest; "Truth Be Told," Hollywood, California, 2017

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