Ask Chris Letter questions are a great way to to get Private answers in audio format response for personal questions that you want answered quickly.  The questions should be about 30 words or less per question. Choose upto 3 areas of your life - Love Life, Health, Career, Finances, Social or Spiritual and ask your questions.

You cannot ask questions regarding missing persons or ongoing criminal investigations. Those must be handled with the law enforcement officials directly.

Also, please do not ask test questions such as 'what are my pet's names' or 'how much change do I have in my pocket.' These are a waste of your time as well as a waste of Chris' time.  

Once you have purchased your question, you will be sent to the confirmation with the DOWNLOAD submission page to provide your questions.  Chris will answer all questions on or before Friday December 13th between 3:00 pm PT to 6:00 pm PT.  Answers  will be sent via email in digital format.

ASK CHRIS (3) Email Letter Questions (with digital audio response)

  • *All letter questions are private and responded to solely by Chris Dufresne of Sylvia Browne Group, Inc. 

    Chris is not a doctor and any advice received by him is of a suggestive and enlightening nature and all actions taken by the client as a result of these discussions are voluntarily pursued by the individual at their own discretion, relieving Chris of all liability for any and all actions taken by the individual beyond these correspondence. Upon purchase of this service I am agreeing to these terms. 

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