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Saturday, February 15th - an internet radio show entitled, "Remembering Sylvia Browne with Special Guests" Chris was interviewed and gave out some great guidance to the callers that got through to ask him a question.

I hope when I finally punch out, my soul card will have a lot of overtime on it.
Living life is hard, but we can make it easier by giving of ourselves -- not just money but time. Relying on oneself to accomplish what we want is a greater gift than depending on others.
Recent Comments
Pam E. wrote:
I read Sylvia's book "Mother God" and I wanted to tell you my story of Mother God's affirmation to me. I did as Syliva suggested and prayed to Azna to give me an affirmation that she was real. The book mentioned that Azna likes to give out roses as affirmations, so when I finished my prayer to Azna, I said to Her, "by the way, I really don't like roses - carnations are my favorite flower." Well, the next day, while I was sleeping in, my mom came home from the plant nursery with crates full of flowers to plant in her garden for the summer. When she got done unloading all her flowers, she handed me a tiny little potted plant. She said, "I just felt like buying this for you." I pulled the tag out of the pot and it read "Carnation flower." Oh My God! That was amazing! I never told my mom that I liked carnations, and she's not the kind of person to go out and buy flowers for other people. So I just knew this had to be the work of Mother God Azna. Pam E. Portland, OR
Dawn K. wrote:
Thank you Sylvia, for EVERYTHING you’ve done. Love you. God Bless. Dawn K. LA, CA
Kim S. wrote:
My daughter step daughter was tragically killed by a drunk driver, I had been finding it very hard to get through my grief...until i started listening to your mom's tapes on my way to work. Thank you so very much for all that you do. Kim S. Sturgeon County, CA
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Chris Dufresne will select emails from Inner Circle members to respond to.
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Scotty from OR asked:
My question for Chris: A few years back Sylvia mentioned she was writing a book about Judas. Was she able to complete this book and will it be published?
The book is completed and it will be published, yes.
Jennifer from AR asked:
What should I know about my upcoming implant surgery?
If you do exactly what the doctor tells you to do and rest, I think it's going to go fine.
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Rescheduled to Sunday! Chris will now be on "The Drew Show" again this Sun - April 20, 2014 at 3 pm Pacific Time. This is an LIVE Internet Radio Show where Chris will be interviewed and where you can call (818) 495-6928 and you may be able to ask Chris a question! To listen to the show LIVE, please: Click Here
Chris will continue to be our special guest on the "New Spirit" Internet Radio Show - Every Wed. at 6pm Pacific Time!
Chris will take questions from callers and the chat room for about 30 minutes. We will also continue playing special audio clips we call, "Messages from Spirit" from Information Trances with Francine, Sylvia's Spirit Guide. Click Here to listen LIVE or to listen to the archived shows under On-Demand Episodes.
A New Webcast from Chris for Inner Circle Members!
His 3rd Webcast is now available under Video tab for Inner Circle Members. Chris has answered more questions that were submitted from Inner Circle Members. Some of the questions were answered in this webcast or on the Ask Chris section, located on the homepage. If you have submitted a question, please watch the webcast to see if your question was answered.
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