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As bad as today was, and it was rough ...
I had a late lecture night, my plane was late, luggage problems, hotel not ready. When I arrived, I was a mess! In the midst of all this, a woman walked up to me before I got on the elevator, grabbed my hand, and said I saved her life.

Suddenly, all the irritation left and I felt instantly lighter. Truly, there is a silver lining in each difficult circumstance.
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Andrea O. wrote:
You answered many questions with such accuracy that I am constantly telling those I know, "Chris told me about that!"  Am I still destined to obtain a Masters in Healthcare Administration? Therefore, I know whatever answer you give me will be exactly what I need to hear to pick myself up out of this desert period and keep living. I have had suicidal thoughts throughout these past two years. I just need a glimmer of hope. Thank you.
April wrote:
I had my first reading ever with Chris this evening. Unreal. Thank so much for your gift. I believe I finally found some peace. -April
Phyllis Wood wrote:
Hi Chris, I just had a reading with you Feb. 04 2015. I am so happy with the reading you did. I was in a relationship didn`t really know what was going but you were right. So I broke that off. I am waiting until next year and to meet the one take will take care of me instead of me being a care taker. I am so much happier since I had my ready. You were so right. Thanks from the bottom on my heart. I would have made a bad mistake. Thanks
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Annie B. asked:
I'm in such debt due to my own fault trying to help others. I just lost my job and over my head in debt. Will I get my job back taking care of my sister and get the pay that I need to make ends meet.
Yes, you will but you have to give it a maximum of about 3 weeks so try to get rest so you can recharge your batteries so that when the 3 weeks come to pass you're ready to go.
Alyson in Oceanside asked:
Hi Chris, I've been kinda obsessed with this guy and I just want to know if anything will every happen with him. Thanks!
He's a player and he's a jerk. Leave him alone and you'll find someone else. Get away from him.
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