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#006 Omega His Medallion

3 Circles - Brings Happiness and attracts Positive people into your life. Represents the Trilogy of Commitment, Loyalty, and Gratitude.. Helps Fight Depression by surronding your life with positive Energy.

Alpha Omega - Symbolizes the Beginning and the End. An Affirmation of your belief in God... the oldest Gnostic Christian Symbol. Dating back to 500 B.C. Strengthens your Truth, Love, and Faith.

#006 Omega His Medallion

  • 22'' black leather cord, Omega is approx 1'' in width, SB charm tag, lobster clasp
    This solid silver medallion represents the trilogy of commitment, loyalty and gratitude which is incribed on the outside of each circle and is knotted to a 22'' black leather cord. Made exclusively for the Sylvia Browne Spiritual Collection by Boma.

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