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Astrology Through A Psychics Eyes

In this book, Sylvia Browne presents her philosophy on astrology. It is written in a humorous vein, yet is a serious work and intended to educate the reader.

Sylvia has done extensive research, using the most reliable data available: real people. She feels that astrology is a living discipline and must be studied with humanity. Only through a close examination of individuals, with all of their fears, strengths, phobias, loves, and spirituality, will a true picture of astrology emerge.

More than thirty years of joy, tears, laughter, and knowledge are reflected in this work, gathered by Sylvia during her many thousands of counseling sessions.

Astrology Through A Psychics Eyes

  • Sylvia Browne is a renowned psychic, author and lecturer. Her publications include New York Times besteller Adventures of a Psychic and The Other Side and Back.

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