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Chris On-Call

Chris on-call is a great way to get priority access with Chris, any day and very close to any time of the day provided it is before 10pm Pacific Standard Tme. You are given a 1 hour of time which can be used in (3) incriments of 20 minute sessions or shared between family and friends with a full year to redeem from date of purchase. For those clients experiencing concern or current situations that are time sensitive, Chris On-Call would be the perfect option. If you decide to use a session/call,  that session would be considered 1 full 20 minute session even if the session lasts 10 minutes. Please be sure to utilize all sessions in the most optimal way. Connect with Chris regarding all areas of your life including but not limited to health, career, finances, family, personal relationships, spiritual and social.

Please Note: If Chris is traveling in another country or state where there is a time zone difference, this could impact or delay an immediate call from Chris. However,  he would honor a credit of time for no charge to the client.

Chris On-Call

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