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Prophecy Audio Book

*Full Digital Audio MP3 version of Book Prophecy/5+ hours in length*

Sylvia Browne turns her psychic wisdom to the puzzling, often contradictory predictions proposed by major historical and contemporary figures, ranging from biblical prophets and Nostradamus to George Washington and NASA scientists.
In Prophecy, Browne shares comforting insight on topics such as the race for a cancer cure, nuclear war, the possibility of colonizing other planets, peace in the middle east and dozens of other concerns about the future.
Examining the most famous-and notorious-prophetic voices throughout the ages, Browne offers a clear and fascinating vision of the world as it will be from five years into the future to five hundred, with a startling and revealing look into the future of our nation and our world-and a beacon of hope in these uncertain times. Published 2004

-Read by Jeanie Hackett

Disclaimer: PLEASE NOTE this material is owned and copyright protected by the Sylvia Browne Group Corporation. "Any" duplication may be subject and enforced by the full extent of the law. To be used for personal enjoyment ONLY. © Original Material © Sylvia Browne©℗ 2019 SYLVIA BROWNE GROUP INC. © All Rights Reserved

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Prophecy Audio Book

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